ATC2018: A Deep Dive into AI for Talent Acquisition
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ATC2018: A Deep Dive into AI for Talent Acquisition


Each year more than 450 internal talent acquisition leaders and practitioners gather in Sydney for two days of shared learning and collaboration at the Australasian Talent Conference.

This year’s ATC conference will be focused on the power of technology, with an entire agenda dedicated specifically to artificial intelligence (AI) -  from its current uses to the impact it could have in the future and everything in between.

For some time, AI has had a dedicated slot on the schedules of HR and recruitment conferences globally, but ATC offers attendees the opportunity to take a deep dive into the technology and its potential applications and implications in their workplaces.

Some sessions to look out for  

It’s incredible to see the vast range of angles being explored across an agenda for such a specific technology. But there are a few sessions that really stood out to me:

How to Lead a Quest by Dr Jason Fox - The Cleverness

Day 1, 8:50 am - 9:35 am

Kicking off the event, Dr. Fox’s session will focus on venturing beyond the “default” - established ways of doing things. I am expecting fresh perspectives on leadership and ways of working. Definitely one to add to your schedule.

The Science of Innovation by Dr Amantha Imber - Inventium

Day 1, 5:10 pm - 5:40 pm

Tackling the balance of science and. human intuition, seems like a great way to finish off day one! I absolutely agree with Dr. Imber when she questions,“Could the answer to thriving in a world of ‘bots’ be to excel in what they can’t?” and I’m looking forward to hearing how she approaches it  in her session.

Fearless Forecast by Kevin Wheeler - Future of Talent Institute

Day 2, 3:45 pm - 4:15 pm

I’m really interested in hearing Kevin’s predictions for the industry disruptors of 2019 and beyond. With a lifetime of industry experience under his belt, he’s sure to deliver an educated forecast that we can all learn from.

Is AI ready for us?

The ATC conference is one of my favourite industry events, and in the midst of the AI hype, the agenda on offer is perfectly timed to will help bring clarity to a somewhat confusing trend.

As, while some are already embracing AI, there are a number of professionals who are yet to get on board with it. And, while we’ve heard plenty about the benefits AI could potentially offer us as professionals, are we really being told enough about what it is, and why we should care?

Is AI even in a position to deliver the outputs we’re hoping for from it?

To help shed some light, I’ll be jumping up on stage to deliver an AI reality check, and reminding the audience - "Bots can't tell stories"

Full session details are included below - so make sure you add it to your schedule! And if you’re yet to register, as an Event Partner we’d love to help you attend by providing you with a 20% discount on your ticket.

Register by 31 May and enter the discount code XREF18 to receive 20% off* your ticket!

Session details

BREAKOUT 4: Bots can't tell stories

Life lessons can’t be coded and bots can’t tell stories so why, with storytelling at the foundation of the recruitment process for both recruiters and candidates, are we so worried about “when the bots will take over”?

During this interactive session, Lee-Martin Seymour will tackle a rising concern over the loss of human skills in the human resources profession, and uncover the point at which human experience must be applied to tech smarts to maintain control of the recruitment process.

Lee-Martin Seymour: “We might use technology to speed up the dating process, but we need to be human to win love. We have learned this lesson before.”

I look forward to seeing you there!

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