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Five HR Trends for 2019, Brought to You by the Pros



Five key trends for the HR industry in 2019 and beyond

As we say goodbye to one year and head rapidly into the next, we celebrate our successes, learn from our mishaps and most importantly we try to prepare for what’s to come. As part of our ongoing “15 minutes with…” blog series, we’ve asked all our contributors one very important question, “What will be the biggest industry trend in the next 12 months?”

We’ve cherry-picked five of our favourite responses that will help you hit the ground running in 2019.

Christopher Yeh, Clio: I think the biggest thing is probably moving even further away from transactional HR. Everything is being automated now.

The thing that we'll end up with in the future is actually a bigger ask on HR professionals to really own people and culture. In the last little while, we've seen a shift away from talking about “HR professionals”. That has almost now been relegated to operations. People and culture teams now have a bigger mandate around the development of the organization.

Robert St-Jacques, 7Geese: Firstly, more of us will be looking for consumer-grade technology at work. Imagine, you've got all these great apps and software at home for your home computer, and you get to work and you're using systems that look like Windows 95. It's just such a disconnect. So HR tech is going to be a big area— because employees will demand it. It'll be part of an employer's brand.

The second piece is the growing interest in evidence-based management and, more specifically, evidence-based HR. The industry is moving away from a cart before horse approach. Unlike marketing and other departments, HR has been unable to show its value to the business in the past because A), they don't have the tech to easily collect and report on the data it has and B), they haven't used an evidence-based approach to come to it. That will have to change in the next year.

The third trend is HR analytics and using that data properly. So that means a pretty big upskilling in your typical HR person and HR department. You need to go back to understand statistics and research, and get into data science a little bit to be able to understand what to do with the numbers.

Nicole Davidson, Beacon HR: AI is going to be massive. As recruiters, we're going to continue to get better and better at assessing EQ while some of the hard skills or logic based skills start to be taken over by AI.

We're also going to get to use AI in recruitment to take on some of the earlier stages of the process and to reduce bias.

Sarah Blackmore, Eventbase: HR tech is on the minds of many within the industry and for good reason – it’s helping to automate some of the more administrative components of HR, the ones that take up so much time and deter from more important job functions.

I am personally thrilled about the emergence of these technologies so that I can focus more on things that matter – like continually improving the candidate experience.

Alex Chapple, Thoughtexchange: Everybody is talking about remote work right now and I think that's just going keep growing. And not just remote, but flexible working too. So, what works for specific people, instead of holding people to organization-wide guidelines.

I realized one day that it’s not actually the remote working that is the selling point, it's the flexibility - us having offices and people working from home is part of that flexibility. It's about giving people the opportunity to come to an office if that will work for them or to go home every afternoon if that works for them or whatever makes them contribute at their highest.

Well, now we have shared our top trends from some of the incredible discussions we’ve had with HR professionals this year, we hope you can put some of their tips into practice in 2019. From shifting away from transactional HR practices, to remote working and a growing AI adoption, there is certainly plenty to focus on!

To check out the insights and inspiration shared by all of our “15 minutes with…” contributors this year, head over to the Q&A series page on our website. And if you’d like to take some of your own expertise and “pay it forward”, get in touch - we’d love to feature you on the blog in 2019!

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