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Video content covering recruitment topics and trends by industry leaders

January is an exciting time, we have 12 fresh months ahead of us and we’re motivated to smash some goals.

It’s also the time when we’re flooded with inspiring predictions and insights for what might lie ahead of us professionally during the year.

In order to help you make the most of those expertise and help you maintain your enthusiasm for goal-crushing as the year goes on we’ve created The HR Hub, a portal of video content delivered by industry leaders covering the topics and trends that they envisage HR and recruitment professionals facing in 2019 and beyond.

Check out the video below from industry veteran Jon Thurmond as he introduces what you can expect from the Hub, and then head over and enjoy the content some Xref friends and family have offered up so far.

Don’t forget to check back for fresh, new videos throughout the year and if you’d like to submit one we’d love to receive it - drop us a line at!


Our HR Hub Themes

Predictions - what will be the biggest themes and trends for the year ahead? Our expert contributors share their thoughts.

Apps - with the prevalence of HR tech at its peak, we must take a more strategic approach to adoption, setting expectations and building business cases for investments.

Talent - never mind the war for talent, today it’s a race. We have to engage talent in innovative ways, shorten the hiring journey and delight candidates with streamlined recruitment processes to win it.

AI - while there’s no doubt about the value AI-based solutions could bring in the future it’s time to dispel some myths about its current adoption and talk realistically about its impact in the short-term.

Experience - the focus on candidate and employee experience might not change in the short term, but the way we manage the transition from one to the other will have to, to see us increase attraction and reduce attrition.

Measurement - as HR finds its place at the boardroom table, the industry now really needs to adopt the metrics that matter to demonstrate business impact.

Workforce - the workplace is becoming increasingly blended, with up to five generations, a mix of permanent, part-time and contracted employees, and a continued focus on increasing diversity. We need to focus in on managing this range of talent.

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