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Tackling Staff Retention Woes With Engagement



Tackling Staff Retention Woes With Engagement

As HR and recruitment professionals, it can feel like we are forever being pulled in different directions - constantly challenged with embracing and tackling the latest industry trends.  

One that’s been front of mind for us all for some time is candidate experience - ensuring you create the best possible first impression for the candidates you’re aiming to convert to employees.

While great expectations can be created in this pre-employment phase, how do we ensure they are met in the workplace?

Today, staff turnover levels are impacted by the engagement we create with employees throughout their journey with the business

To improve employee engagement, we need to follow these three key steps:  

  1. Build an authentic and impactful employer brand
  2. Treat employees as individuals, not just part of a team
  3. Ensure there’s no disconnect between the candidate and employee experience

Here’s how and why these steps are important :

Build an authentic and impactful employer brand

Your employer brand is something a future recruit could come across before they even consider applying to work with you. Online reviews, social media mentions and word-of-mouth can all impact an individual’s decision to explore employment opportunities.

But it’s not enough to “create” an employer brand, it must be authentic, in-line with the views of your staff and created from the inside, with a positive company culture. Without all of this, the employer brand communicated externally, can quickly be dispelled by those that feel it’s inaccurate, which ultimately causes more harm than good.

On the other hand, getting it right can have a hugely positive impact on your ability to attract every hirer’s dream - the passive candidate, who is performing well in their current role but will move for the right opportunity.

Treat employees as individuals, not just part of a team

Great engagement begins with great hires, which requires you to really know the people you’re bringing into the business.

Collecting insightful data during the recruitment process can not only ensure you make an informed hiring decision but can also be very valuable when it comes to managing your new recruit.

If you’ve done sufficient due diligence, you’ll understand more about new employees than simply where they’ve worked previously, and can use that information to guide the professional development you enable them and rewards you offer them..

Ensure there’s no disconnect between the candidate and employee experience

As mentioned above, employee engagement can quickly be negatively impacted if the wonderful picture you paint during recruitment isn’t matched as a candidate becomes an employee.

An all bells and whistles approach to encouraging a candidate to take a job can be detrimental if the reality doesn’t live up to expectations.

Again, be authentic - be human, and recognise the things that matter to your candidates and then be honest with them about what they’ll find in your business.

Use tools that will help you to move a new recruit seamlessly into the workplace with an onboarding process that is personalised and forward-looking, to demonstrate:

  • they’re not on their on from the second they arrive
  • you’ve listened to them and understand what they want from the role
  • you’re as excited to welcome them as they are to join

Doing all of this for every hire will ultimately result in a more engaged, motivated and productive workforce, which will have a positive impact on those dreaded retention levels.

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