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Turning References into New Business



Two of the greatest challenges that recruitment agencies face is the ability to continuously source great candidates, while also growing their client base over time.

Most recruitment agencies are already familiar with using the reference checking process as an opportunity for business development. However, traditionally recruiters have relied on tagging a question on to the end of a call with a referee or cold-calling at a later date.

Without a formal and consistent means of collecting and storing information gathered on potential new business leads, often the data that is collected is unreliable, not to mention non-compliant.

Using Xref for Business Development

It’s a common fear for recruitment businesses that, by automating their reference checks, they’re missing vital business development opportunities.

So, we built a solution that offers something bigger and better than phone-based business development, and drastically reduces admin.

Xref People Search is an opt-in business development tool designed to help users quickly and easily search and filter historic referee data.

People Search maps the details of job roles and places of employment provided by referees who opt-in to be contacted about future recruitment needs or job opportunities when they submit a reference.

It is a smart and secure tool that meets data protection regulations, ensuring that all information collected and stored is done so without risk while enabling users to build contact lists quickly based on reliable, compliant data.

How People Search Works

When People Search is activated on an Xref account, an ‘opt-in’ query is added to all existing reference criteria.

If a reference provider agrees to be contacted, their details are automatically added to the People Search portal where recruiters can run dynamic, real-time searches that can be easily segmented and filtered to deliver highly relevant contact lists.

The results for those that are already using the tool, speak for themselves. On average we find that:

  • 38% of referees are opting in to be contacted
  • more than 3% result in new clients with staffing requirements

To put this in perspective, for every 100 references collected, your business could generate 38 warm, qualified leads. No guesswork, no manual handling.

“Having access to a proactive searching platform reduces our need for costly job advertising, minimizes recruitment spend and enables us to make targeted recruitment efforts.” Australian Unity

If you are an existing Xref customer, contact your Account Manager to find out more about adding People Search to your account. If you’re new to Xref and interested in finding out more, book in a demo today!

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