Chelsea Football Club selects Xref

Chelsea Football Club has selected Xref for the recruitment of candidates

  • English Premier League champions Chelsea FC commissions Xref for candidate referencing services
  • Xref will support Chelsea FC and Chelsea Foundation in Great Britain
  • UK growth continues to validate Xref’s global potential  

Human resources technology company, Xref Limited (ASX:XF1), today announced that it will provide candidate referencing services for the English Premier League’s 2016-17 champions, the Chelsea Football Club, and the Chelsea Foundation which is a charity that uses the power of sport to motivate, educate and inspire people in all over the world.

Chelsea Football Club has selected Xref to accelerate the recruitment of candidates, particularly sessional coaches who frequently relocate from international locations and work from training pitches. Chelsea FC is one of the world’s leading football clubs and a multinational business which has broad range of commercial partners, sponsors and suppliers around the world, and their choice of Xref recognises the importance of high governance and security standards for an organisation with a global, high-profile reputation.

In addition, the Chelsea Foundation is one of the world’s leading football social responsibility programmes. The Foundation works with more than one million young people every season, and has 27 different sport programs run in 153 towns and cities around the UK, with 528 participating schools per season.

Through its platform which automates collection of feedback on potential and current employees, Xref’s services will benefit the safety of youth and the disabled, and help protect the love of football for hundreds of thousands to enjoy. Xref collects 60% more data five times faster than traditional methods and, by automating a vital task, protects companies from fraud, discrimination and privacy breaches.

Xref’s software as a service (SaaS) platform is used by more than 600 clients across 7 countries, including a growing base of organisations in the UK and Europe and 36% of the ASX’s top 50 companies.


“This endorsement of Xref’s services by Chelsea Football Club and the Chelsea Foundation demonstrates Xref’s business leadership and the value of the company’s world-leading product. Well done to the team for their hard work. The group’s dynamic expansion in Europe is encouraging, as it further validates the company’s business model and global growth strategy.”

Non-Executive Chairman / Brad Rosser

tim griffiths

“By focusing on our clients’ needs for governance, security and efficiency we have developed a leading software as a service platform that continues to introduce innovation. High scalability and new features such as multi-language capabilities offer a powerful proposition for organisations such as sporting clubs and events which need to manage resources cost-effectively.”

Executive director / CTO Tim Griffiths


“We are delighted to welcome Chelsea Football Club and Chelsea Foundation as new clients of Xref. We are inspired to become part of their ambit to provide safe educational and sporting programs to motivate, educate and inspire the future of our global society.”      

Executive director / CEO Lee-Martin Seymour

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