Xref Bolsters Presence in US With Strategic PageUp Partnership

Xref Bolsters Presence in US With Strategic PageUp Partnership


  • Integration with one of Australia’s leading talent management platforms
  • Supports global growth alongside PageUp’s existing presence in the United States, Australia, UK and South East Asia.

Xref Limited (ASX: XF1), the human resources technology company, has announced its latest integration agreement with leading talent management platform, PageUp.

The partnership, which has been built by Xref using the PageUp public API platform, comes as a result of demand from mutual clients who were looking to use Xref and PageUp as part of their talent management workflow.

Once the integration is live, PageUp users will be able to use Xref through their existing PageUp dashboard, and the reference checking tool will become available via the company's online marketplace. At launch, more than 50 mutual clients will have access to the benefits of the integration.

The synergies between the two companies, that are both Australian-grown and have found success overseas, made the partnership an obvious choice. Today, PageUp has developed a strong brand and client base in the United States, presenting a significant opportunity for Xref to accelerate growth in a relatively new market.

Investor and media enquiries:

Presentation: xf1.com

Investor Centre: xref.com/investor-centre

Twitter: @xf1

Email: investors@xf1.com

Key points about Xref

First mover advantage

Xref provided the first automated solution for the candidate referencing process and it is capitalising on its first-mover advantage by focusing on and investing for international growth.

Business model

Under Xref’s business model, when clients purchase credits (credit sales) to use the candidate referencing platform, the value of their purchases is recognised as unearned income. When they pay for the credits, the cash is recognised as cash receipts. Once the credits are used by the client (usage), Xref recognises the value of the credits used as revenue (recognised revenue).

Global addressable market

Xref’s addressable market includes more than 180 million employees in North America, 120 million employees in Europe and 15 million employees in Australia and New Zealand.

Mark Rice.png

We’re delighted to partner with Xref to add to our extensive marketplace of best of breed HR technology partners. PageUp has a continued focus on ensuring recruiters and candidates have an exceptional technology experience – and Xref shares this vision. This partnership will allow mutual customers to initiate reference checks with ease and move candidates quickly through the recruitment process.”

Mark Rice, CEO at PageUp

Claire Pike.jpg

“As a longstanding user of both PageUp and Xref, we're delighted about this integration. It is going to make a huge difference to the efficiency of our team and the experience we can offer our candidates as they move through the hiring process.”

Claire Pike, Recruitment Manager at Anglicare Sydney

Lee Martin Seymour

“We love working with smart, like-minded tech providers and are always especially excited to partner with those that come from a similar background and have shared growth aspirations. We have a great relationship with the team at PageUp and look forward to working together to provide customers globally with a secure, robust and streamlined recruitment journey.”

Lee-Martin Seymour, Executive director / CEO at Xref

Tim Griffiths

“Ensuring that we deliver the solutions our clients need has always been the backbone of our decision to integrate with other software providers. This partnership is a great example of how we efficiently partner to meet client demands, through the ease of the Xref API. We’re proud to see other SaaS providers offering integrations through the Xref API platform and we’re excited to take the PageUp integration to market.”

Tim Griffiths, Executive director / CSO at Xref

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