Xref Integrates with ATS Platform, LinkedIn Talent Hub

Xref Integrates with ATS Platform, LinkedIn Talent Hub

  • Partners with LinkedIn Talent Hub to create a seamless integration of Xref’s automated reference checking solution into LinkedIn’s ATS platform
  • Xref becomes available immediately via the LinkedIn Talent Hub integration marketplace

Xref Limited (​ASX: XF1​), the human resources technology company, has announced the details of its latest platform integration with ​LinkedIn Talent Hub​.

LinkedIn Talent Hub is the only ATS built on the global LinkedIn network with more than 675 million members. It allows customers to source, manage and hire from one integrated platform.

As a result of this integration, Xref will be incorporated into LinkedIn Talent Hub, making its automated reference checking solution available as part of the streamlined hiring workflow offered to users of the ATS.

“Partnering with Xref helps to further streamline the candidate hiring experience,” says Katherine Tsay, Business Development at LinkedIn. “We will continue to work closely to ensure our customers can source, manage, and hire candidates all in one place.”

Xref is participating in the upcoming ​LinkedIn Impact virtual event on April 2 2020. The virtual conference for talent professionals and business leaders includes an agenda designed to work for all global timezones. Xref will host a virtual stand at the conference, allowing attendees to access valuable Xref content, and assets relating to the platform and its integration with LinkedIn Talent Hub.

Xref in LinkedIn Talent Hub 

Monitoring progress of a reference in Xref in Linkedin Talent hub
Monitoring the progress of a reference. 
Accessing the Xref report from the Linkedin Talent Hub platform
Accessing the full Xref report directly from the LinkedIn Talent Hub platform.

Management comments:

Lee headshot

Executive director / CEO Lee-Martin Seymour said: “The work we have done to become a truly global best-in-breed and multi-language platform allows us to successfully integrate with world-leading ATS platforms and enjoy the scale that brings. In this market, clients are seeking one place to search, select, check and hire. We are exceptionally excited about the growth and scale that this opportunity presents. This integration is a true game-changer.​"

Tim headshot

Executive director / CSO Tim Griffiths said: “The opportunity to integrate with LinkedIn Talent Hub has been fantastic and we’re delighted to bring it to market. From both a commercial and technical point of view, this is an integration like any other available via our platform and can be adopted with the same ease and speed we see customers connecting Xref to other world-leading ATS platforms. We’re excited about the opportunity the integration offers and the strength of the partnership we have already formed with the LinkedIn team.”

Investor and media enquiries:

Presentation: xf1.com

Investor Centre: xref.com/investor-centre

Twitter: @xf1

Email: investors@xf1.com

Key points about Xref

First mover advantage: Xref provided the first automated solution for the candidate referencing process and it is capitalising on its first-mover advantage by focusing on and investing for international growth.

Business model: Under Xref’s business model, when clients purchase credits (credit sales) to use the candidate referencing platform, the value of their purchases is recognised as unearned income. When they pay for the credits, the cash is recognised as cash receipts. Once the credits are used by the client (usage), Xref recognises the value of the credits used as revenue (recognised revenue).

Global addressable market: Xref’s addressable market includes more than 180 million employees in North America, 120 million employees in Europe and 15 million employees in Australia and New Zealand.

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