Xref Norway Signs Three Flagship Clients

Xref announces the acquisition of three flagship clients in Norway

Xref Limited (ASX:XF1), the human resources technology company, today reported the acquisition of three flagship clients in Norway.

Xref’s new clients include Badenoch & Clark Limited (a subsidiary of the Adecco Group, the world’s leading workforce solutions partner) and Loyalty People AS - both of which are part of the recruitment industry in the Nordic region, which supports a 13.5 million labour force. The third new client is Norwegian State Railways (NSB), a government-owned railway network which operates the majority of passenger transport services in Norway.

The adaptability of the Xref platform has been demonstrated through the performance it has already delivered for its newest clients. Results achieved to date resemble best practice outcomes seen by clients in Australia - the Company’s most established market - delivering references five times faster than traditional methods, with 60% more data and a deliverability rate of 98%. This early success strongly endorses the Company’s strategic decision to leverage the market opportunity.

Xref prides itself on the value it provides clients, and has already received early advocacy from the newly introduced organisations.

Client Testimonials1

Badenoch & clark

Lars Petter Skeie, Regional Manager, Badenoch & Clark:

“We are committed to using research-based methods and technology in our recruitment. Xref is a tool we use to streamline processes, while at the same time increasing our credibility in our market. The feedback from our clients and candidates is that referees can now provide references at a time that suits them, on any device.”


Line Jenssen Forsang, HR Management and Development, NSB Persontog:

“The references we now collect via Xref are based on referees’ own words and not an interpretation by the person who traditionally collects the feedback. The questionnaires are fully customisable, are stored in one place and cannot be changed, interpreted or manipulated after responses have been submitted. I have also benefited from obtaining accurate references from English-speaking people. Collecting feedback in a language other than your native language is often a challenge. We are very pleased with Xref, and see that quality, format and ease-of-use in all aspects of the reference process are significantly improved.”

Loyalty people

Christian Westermark, CEO, Loyalty People:

“We use Xref in our reference process to free up our recruiters’ time for other tasks. We are now able to standardise our reference process, which gives us control and governance. Xref is easy to use and the reports offer transparency.”

The Nordic region currently relies on phone-based references which present significant language complexities since it is made up of five countries using five different dialects. Xref has been able to replace a traditional, ingrained business critical process, using all the languages required to service the entire region.

Xref’s software as a service (SaaS) platform collects 60% more data, five times faster than traditional methods, and, by automating a vital task, protects companies from fraud, discrimination and privacy breaches.

These testimonials have been provided by native Norwegian speakers, translated into English

Investor and media enquiries:

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Tel: +61 (0)2 8264 1004 / +61 (0)407 231 282


Lee Martin Seymour

“The introduction of our office in Norway was very much demand-driven, and we welcome these flagship clients to our platform. While we were already servicing the region from our European base in London, the rapid growth of unsolicited requests for our services across the Nordic countries made introducing a dedicated office the next logical step. The success we are already seeing, just five months since launch, assures us that it was very much the right decision.”

Executive Director / CEO Lee-Martin Seymour

Tim Griffiths

“Uptake in Norway has offered a perfect demonstration of the capabilities of our platform. The use of HR technology is still a relatively new concept in the region and, as such, the benefits of the solution often have to be seen to be believed and tackle skepticism. Our ability to offer multi-language capabilities has been a particular strength in helping us to overcome those objections.”

Executive Director / CTO Tim Griffiths

Brad Rosser

“Xref now has the experience, business intelligence and international network to be able to strategically identify the international markets to expand into. The move into Norway was well-timed and well-informed, and the rapid uptake of the service is a strong indication of the opportunity that lies ahead.”

Chairman / Brad Rosser

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