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Conduct better reference checks online, for free

Reference your next candidate with speed and confidence by signing up for a free account with Xref - the leader in automated reference checking*.

Feel Confident in Every Hire

We are passionate about the value of robust reference checks but understand how onerous the task of conducting them can be, so we’ve automated the process and we’d love you to try it for free. 

As well as improving the efficiency of the process, Xref will help you to:

Protect Vulnerable People.

You can be sure you are hiring the right people to provide the level of care required, with detailed reference checks, plus ‘unusual activity detection’ - software that detects potential candidate fraud.

Reduce Hiring Risks.

With a full audit trail of your reference checks, as well as transparency of the process for candidates, you can be confident that you are making the best hiring decisions.

Ready to get started? Share your details and we’ll be in touch. 

*Xref is offering a free trial period to eligible businesses, which includes set up of an Xref account, a 30-minute training session and access to ‘credits’ to reference candidates. This trial is available only for direct use and does not include the set up of Xref via another platform integration, such as an ATS provider. The length of this trial period, credits available, and qualification for a free trial is at the discretion of the Xref team and to be agreed based on the suitability of the product to your business needs based on factors such as the business's hiring volume.