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Some HR recruitment solutions used to overcome hiring challenges



HR recruitment solutions used to overcome hiring challenges and more

As the is CEO and Founder of Beacon HR, Nicole leads an incredible team of talent acquisition pros who partner with purpose-driven companies to help them attract, hire, and engage great people.

We posed some of our favourite questions and discovered what Nicole loves about her job, how she overcomes hiring pain points and her top focus for the next six months.

Tell us a bit about what you do and what you love about it

I get to lead an incredible team of Talent Acquisition pros at Beacon HR. We are fixing the transactional staffing agency model and work alongside our clients in a flexible and easily scalable way.

We have to be learning. All. The. Time. Complacency doesn't work. Continuous learning is the only way.

How would you describe the culture at Beacon HR?

We have no physical office space. We all work out of our clients' offices for about one day per week and are remote the rest of the time. We over communicate everything since we don't get to pop over to the desk beside us and touch base in person. We've mastered the remote workplace model and absolutely love our “Co-work Wednesdays” and any other times we get together.

I find that often companies don't know how to scale their culture. As they grow they lose touch with key team members and they struggle to build in the right amount of process and structure around this. So, for me, maintaining culture is key.

How are you overcoming pain points for hiring success?

Since launching Beacon HR last year, I've noticed that growing companies all have the exact same people problems. They aren't able to attract and hire enough of the right people for their organisation.

Today, we're extra aware of employer brand. We make sure to use every single candidate touchpoint to showcase the employer brand and give transparency into what being an employee would look, sound, and feel like. The launch of our employer branding practice this year is something I’m most proud of.

We look at the entire recruitment funnel and come in hot with an outbound recruitment campaign AND employer branding strategy. We look at the immediate hiring needs but also at how they're going to get better results while driving down recruitment costs in the future.

For me, a successful hiring process is well organised, with expertly prepared and aligned hiring managers. It’s transparent and honest, and echoes the candidate's main motivators or drivers to the role while building excitement in the candidate as it progresses. And all of this has to be done FAST.

What’s your number one priority for the next 6 months?

Build a strong foundation with just the right amount of structure so we're ready to rocket in 2019!

What will be the biggest industry trend in the year ahead?

AI is going to be massive. As Recruiters, we're going to continue to get better and better at assessing EQ while some of the hard skills or logic based skills start to be taken over by AI.

We're also going to get to use AI in recruitment to take on some of the earlier stages of the process and to reduce bias.

What would be your top three personal development tips for other HR professionals?

1) Learn: Go to conferences, attend workshops, courses and webinars outside of HR too. It's vital we understand many areas of a business and not just HR.

2) Contribute: Whether it's writing, podcasting, vlogging, or anything in between, figure out what medium resonates with you most and start sharing your opinion with the community. This is great for your personal brand, it's fun, and you will learn so much being part of the conversation instead of just an observer.

3) Build relationships: Our business is people driven. Go geek out with other professionals and lean into the conversations you have - talk about your challenges, learnings, and trends.

About Nicole

As CEO & Founder of Beacon HR, Nicole leads an incredible team of talent acquisition pros who partner with purpose-driven companies to help them attract, hire, and engage great people for their teams. They're fixing the transactional staffing agency model with their fresh, agile, and holistic approach. Ask her how!

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