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Faster hiring for Retail using data-driven feedback

Efficiency and trust are crucial for retail organisations when recruiting and retaining talent in a fast-paced, talent-driven market. Automation and data-driven feedback can help.

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Why use Xref?

Securely collect consistent, accurate talent insights

Achieve peace of mind with flags for unusual activity

Stay compliant and secure: Xref’s algorithm monitors multiple data touchpoints throughout the referencing process and will alert you to any suspicious activity on a reference check.

Reduce unconscious bias

Select from a library of best practise questions to create your own custom reference survey. Each template can be tailored to a specific role or industry and is compliant with worldwide regulations.

Consistent results for data-driven insights

Feedback is securely stored in one place with easy-to-read graphs providing actionable insights.

Xref Survey Builder
Survey builder

Build consistent reference surveys in seconds

Select from a library of best practice, compliant questions to create your own custom reference survey for any level role.

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Ask a common set of questions for comparable results.

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Reduce manual tasks: Whether you are surveying one person or need bulk insights, save time and ensure consistency by the same survey template.

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Tailored to your needs: Use a template or create your own survey in 30 seconds.

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People records

Understand the lifecycle of your talent

Concise, accurate insights make it easy to recruit, retain and remember your talent. People records allow visibility to compare, contrast and take action on feedback.

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Avoid data duplication. When you update a people record, changes are implemented across the platform.

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See a summary of your talent or do a deep dive into the latest feedback.

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Save time and reduce paperwork: Have a clear view of what checks and surveys your people have completed to know your next step.

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Xref People Records
Xref insights

Benchmark candidates with ease

Quantifying skills, core competencies and sentiment isn't easy. With a completed survey, Xref's reports allow your organisation to:

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Have confidence in your results: Utilise data for informed decision-making.

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Compare and contrast feedback to implement consistent, action-orientated outcomes.

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Understand what your organisation needs to hire top talent fast and get ahead of the competition.

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