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5 Things We LOVE About Our Team



Here are the top five qualities we love most about our team

One of our favourite brand values at Xref is having ‘A big heart’...

To shine the spotlight on Team Xref, here are the top five qualities we love most about our team.


1. Determination:

We love that our team will do anything to win a photo contest - including gathering a group of HR professionals into the washroom at a black tie event…


2. Shared dress sense:

Great minds think alike and when it comes to our wardrobe choices, we certainly do! We love each other so much that you’ll often find us twinning.


3. Creativity:

We love a theme, any invitation or excuse to get dressed up! Medieval themed dinner in Toronto? Easy! British-themed dress up party in Sydney? We’ll nail that too!


4. Wardrobe bravery:

We love that our team (co-founder Tim Griffiths in particular) is always happy to push the boundaries of ‘fashion’ - hats and shoes being particular favourites.


5. Modesty:

When your CFO celebrates his winning goal at Footgolf so much that the team capture and frame the moment for him to enjoy forever. Yep, we love that!

We want to to hear what you love about your team! Why not use Valentine's Day as an excuse to let your co-workers know what you love about working with them?

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