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5 Things We LOVE About Working in HR Tech



Our top reasons we love working in HR Tech

Being a startup can be tough, it’s not a smooth path, there are some unknowns and some complete leaps of faith but one thing we have found is that the HR tech community is a super supportive place to be.

In celebration, we decided to compile a list of reasons we love working in HR Tech - here are just the top five!


1. Our super supportive partners.

We often host events with partners and we are lucky enough to have some of the best to call on! These smiley faces from WorkTango, Ideal and SmartRecruiters joined us at a recent event in our Toronto office.


2. The mutual love for a celebration!

We are definitely an industry of work hard, play hard professionals and often the two go hand in hand, as you can see from the pictures taken at the SmartRecruiter Hire18 conference.

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3. The sharing community.

We have embarked on a blog series, which showcases the people on the HR and recruitment frontline. Our “15 minutes with…” blogs have offered incredible insights and demonstrated just how important the industry feels it is to share and learn from each other.


4. The amazing companies we work with.

We have some fantastic customers and we’re proud to have great relationships with them. Our service doesn’t stop at the platform, and we love spending time with the companies we support in and out of the office.


5. The vast range of industries and topics we learn about.

The opportunity to adopt and embrace HR tech is present in every industry and the key benefits of doing so vary between each one. From the assurance we offer NFP organisations to the efficiency we provide recruitment agencies, we love hearing how we help.

Now is a really exciting time to be in the HR tech industry and our team of driven, innovative and ambitious individuals is embracing every second of it!

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