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Australian Company Xref Ranks #1 in Reference Checking

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A medal with number 1 surrounded by confetti. Xref is number 1 reference checking company in Australia

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Announced earlier this year, Australian company Xref ranked number one in the reference checking software category by G2. 

Placing ahead of 30 other global contenders, Xref’s user base provided authentic, verified reviews through the G2 platform. 

ASX-listed Xref has over 240 G2 reviews with an average star rating of 4.7 out of 5. 

graphs showing satisfaction % 99% of users gave Xref 4 out of 5 stars, 93% say they would recommend Xref

In the latest announcement, Xref received the highest satisfaction score amongst products in the Reference Check category. 99% of users rated it 4 or 5 stars and 93% of users said they would be likely to recommend Xref.

With the Head Office based in Sydney, Australia, Xref has previously ranked Top 10 for Best ANZ software in early 2022 and in 2021

About Xref

Xref has 40 integration partners and offers automated Reference Checks, Exit Surveys and a Marketplace of pre-employment checks including social media, background verification, identity checks, academic checks, visa checks and more. 

statistics on branded background: 18hrs to complete a reference report, 91% reference checks returned completed, 65%submitted outside of working hours, 350+ words per reference check indicating engagement

Some recent stats collected from our platform usage are : 

  • Xref delivers completed reference reports in an average of 18hrs 
  • 65% of those references were submitted outside working hours
  • The average Xref reference collects 350+ words of feedback indicating strong positive sentiment for the candidates referenced
  • 91% of Xref reference checks are returned completed

Once a reference has been completed and returned, Xref provides candidate benchmarking reports highlighting relevant insights, so employers can make a comparable assessment on the skills and strengths each candidate will bring to their company.  

Hire with Confidence 

In the last 12 months, Xref has flagged almost 16,000 instances of suspicious activity, alerting an employer that they should look further into the information provided in a reference to determine the legitimacy. For example, a referee or reference may be being forged. Xref’s suspicious activity detection feature notifies employers of suspicious behaviour, with an end result of helping employers hire the right candidate with confidence. 

What our Customers Say

Xref has over 940,000 users in Australia and over a million users across 195 countries. 

Julia Murphy, Talent Acquisition Project Lead for WSP Australia and New Zealand said,

“Quality reference and quick turnaround! We have been using Xref for several years and have integrated it into our ATS. Not only is the process incredibly convenient for our recruiters, but the quality of response and the turnaround times are incredible. 
The fact that you can track based on sentiment, number of words in a reply, and turnaround times makes it incredibly easy to streamline this stage of our recruitment process. It is also an excellent tool for the collection of referees' details as potential future contacts. Xref has had a significant impact on our operations. The quality of responses has not been impacted at all.”

Digging Deep into the Tech

Xref is proud to support multi-region infrastructure with 100% of the platform accessible in multiple languages. With 24/7 support in local Xref jurisdictions, customers can be assured they receive timely and personalised service.

Highly customisable, the Xref platform can easily be white-labelled allowing our customers to use their own branding when issuing reference checks. A user can also develop their own reference checking templates by creating their own questions or using a selection of suggested questions frequently used by HR professionals when completing reference checks. 

Because of this, G2 awarded Xref with six badges that recognise our position as a reference checking leader both in Australia and globally. Xref values what our customers have to say and we listen to their feedback on a variety of platforms including G2 and Google My Business.

Final Thoughts from our CEO

Xref’s CEO, Lee-Martin Seymour says,

“We trust real, verified Xref users to rate, compare and comment on our product and service via G2. Customer reviews are essential in building credibility. We’re proud to implement feedback. It enables us to continuously deliver best-of-breed reference checking software for our customers.”

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