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Candidate to Employee: 6 Tips for a Positive Experience

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Deliver a more consistent experience across the recruitment and onboarding process with these 6 tips

Delivering a consistent experience across both the recruitment and onboarding processes is key to ensuring ongoing employee satisfaction and a positive employer brand. We teamed up with online onboarding solution provider, Enboarder, to deliver our top six tips for creating a positive experience for candidates throughout the recruitment journey and as they transition to an employee.

The importance of candidate experience is no secret and is widely recognised by HR and recruitment industries, globally. However, with such an intent focus on getting first impressions right, there’s a danger the ball will be dropped as the deal is done and the candidate accepts an offer.

Ensuring consistency in the experience you deliver, not just during the recruitment journey but also once a new recruit is through the door, is key for both their job satisfaction and your organisation’s employer brand.
Here we outline six tips for a consistently positive experience….

1. Communication is key

During recruitment, communication is key. Making sure you offer a transparent hiring journey for candidates will increase your chances of bringing them on board quickly, and reduce the risk of losing them to a competitor. But don’t let that communication break down as they enter the workplace.

A well-run hiring process should provide you with a deep understanding of the individual, their strengths, weaknesses, fears and aspirations, and position you well to maintain an ongoing conversation with them as they find their feet in their new role. We recommend reading 'Transparency: Key to the ultimate candidate Experience'.

2. Due diligence pays dividends

Online, automated tools, improve the efficiency and consistency of the recruitment process and create the best first impression of your organisation for candidates. They also allow you to gather, analyse and measure against real, valuable candidate insights. These data-driven screening methods deliver the background information you need to provide a tailored employee experience, that motivates and encourages productivity.

3. Make the employee experience a priority

The perception employees have of your organisation is the sum of their small day to day interactions. Taking advantage of these daily moments will allow your staff to connect and build a meaningful working culture that will not only attract but retain your talent.

To deliver a positive experience you need to understand your employee’s motivations, communication preferences, and development desires throughout the whole employee lifecycle. From recruiting, onboarding, learning, and development to performance reviews and career planning.  

Being able to identify the gaps and opportunities in each of those touch points will give you the insights to redesign some of the processes and change negative perceptions to impact engagement, performance, productivity and customer experience. We recommend reading ‘How to treat Employees Like Customers’.

4. Onboard with style

People tend to hold on to first impressions so it’s important to take steps to ensure the first impressions of your business are positive. Designing and delivering a great onboarding experience that is people-centric instead of process and paperwork focused can help you build trust, excitement, and loyalty from day one.

A software like Enboarder will allow your business to create, test and deploy beautiful communications and make new employees feel welcome from the day they sign their offer letter. The platform has also been designed to coach hiring managers through the whole onboarding process by simplifying provisioning requests and pesky admin tasks.

5. Create a culture

Today’s jobseeker is often more interested in the culture of an organisation and the impact it will have on them personally than the pay packet they will take home at the end of the month.

Ensuring that the cultural picture you paint during hiring, and the environment a new recruit experiences once in the workplace are exactly the same, if not at least similar, is critical. Make sure your employees don’t feel short changed after being promised something that just does not exist.

At the same time, focus your time not just on the image you portray but also the experience you offer your staff, and the positive culture you are trying to achieve will come naturally.

6. Share success and raise retention

While you’re celebrating securing a fantastic new recruit, they’ll also be enjoying the excitement that comes with landing a new role.

Share this mutual success and continue to encourage and support ongoing growth within the company. Mapping their journey, agreeing to goals and recognising when they meet them, will all go a long way to maximising retention.

With platforms such as Glassdoor offering the opportunity for individuals engaged with your organisation to “rate” their experience at any stage in their journey with you - from recruitment through to retirement - it’s critical that the reality of a workplace matches the expectations delivered.

Painting a positive picture during the recruitment period is simply not enough, you must be able to follow through to avoid a high staff turnover and a negative impact on your employer brand.

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