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Digital Transformation: What Can HR Learn From Finance?

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The finance industry has been through a digital transformation that has seen it move to a much more efficient and effective way of working. HR is now embarking on its own digital journey and can learn a great deal from its people partners in finance.

According to Xref CFO, James Solomons, there are six key questions that you, as an HR professional, should take to your finance colleagues today for their guidance as you embrace new ways of working.

Check out James’ video on the HR Hub for his take on these questions and why they will help you find value in technology and data.

6 Questions HR Leaders should Ask Their Finance Department

Question 1: Where did you start on your digital transformation journey?

Question 2: How did you get buy-in to start making technology investments?

Question 3: After you had buy-in, what was the implementation process?

Question 4: Once the technology was implemented, how did you “humanize” your metrics?

Question 5: What have been the greatest tangible outcomes of your tech adoption?

Question 6: What data do you already have access to that I could benefit from?

Working together to achieve success

People are widely regarded as every company's greatest asset and biggest threat.

And two departments with joint responsibility for the level of opportunity and risk involved in a company’s people, are HR and finance.

But it’s not just about costs and benefits, it’s about acknowledging that both are ultimately working towards the same goal: a happy, productive and profitable team.

If you’re setting out on your digital transformation journey, make sure you know what to look out for in the tech you’re implementing. Our HR Tech Checklist can help, with seven questions every HR professional should be asking before making an investment.

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