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5 HR Trending Topics for October 2020!

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Maybe you’ve missed catching up on what’s trending in the HR world. A large proportion of leaders are at risk of burnout for reasons that include virtual meeting fatigue and taking on the "emotional load" of their teams. In other news, recent research explores what employees want, while social media giants strategise the future of work. Here are some top stories for a quick read.

1. Employee benefits every company should provide

Attracting and retaining talent is a crucial focus for every employer, especially when your TA team is targeting top talent. A recent study reveals what employees desire most from the organisations they work for. The most popular was ‘flexible work’, which won by a landslide! But as a result of COVID-19, flexible working has become the new norm for Australian employees with many companies shifting to remote working. If you’d like to know what employees see as other top-ranking benefits read on.

2. Eight tools that will change the way you work from home

Working in a virtual environment is the new normal and here to stay (at least for now). Interestingly there are apps that your mind and body will thank you for, such as reminders to take breaks or some which can simply reduce the strain on your eyes. Here is a blog on some tools to help you work better.

3. Four in five leaders risk burnout as wellbeing investment shrinks

Increased pressures on time as a result of virtual meetings, and a greater "emotional load" has left many leaders feeling exhausted, says Select Wellness founder and CEO Martine Beaumont. The impact of burnout manifests itself differently in people, here is a blog post from experts on the importance of investing in wellbeing

4. How to use executive search recruitment practices to foster diversity and inclusion in your workforce

Creating a diverse and inclusive workforce is a top-down effort. If you’re in leadership and looking to add diversity in your workforce, here are five easily implementable executive recruitment strategies that you can take advantage of to give you the best chance to hire the top talent (Read Blog).

5. Working from home is here to stay

Facebook is hiring a director of remote work as it plans for a more permanent shift to working from home. The social media giant is taking a thoughtful and measured approach to the future of work at Facebook, including committing to remote work as one of our long-term strategies. Read on to know more about this remote working strategy.

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