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Introducing Xref Pulse Surveys: Retain your people

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Reduce attrition, improve retention, build corporate memory to improve organisational metrics with an Xref Exit Survey.

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Retain and engage your talent for positive change

Give your people a voice with a tailored Xref Engage survey.

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Retain your people and make meaningful change

Increase retention and reduce turnover with quick employee feedback from an Xref Pulse Survey.

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Xref is excited to announce the launch of its new solution: Xref Pulse Surveys!

The launch of Pulse Surveys follows the launch of Exit Surveys – a tool organisations can use to gather valuable feedback from departing employees and use those insights to improve engagement and retention.

With these new releases, Xref is expanding its suite of products to offer an Enterprise solution for the entire talent journey to help organisations recruit, retain and remember their people.

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Xref Pulse Surveys: What is an employee pulse survey?

Xref Pulse Surveys is a tool that enables organisations to measure employee sentiment using quick, short surveys at a regular cadence. With continuous, frequent feedback, HR can better understand the organisation’s performance in key areas such as leadership, culture, career development and diversity and make informed organisational changes to improve engagement and retention.

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Why conduct an employee pulse survey?

There is great value in regularly checking in with employees to gauge how they feel about certain aspects of the organisation, like their role, salary, leadership, and learning and development opportunities.

A few benefits of conducting pulse surveys are:

  • What gets measured gets managed: Tracking employee sentiment enables organisations to identify issues (e.g. leadership) before they cause disengagement or attrition.
  • Quick and easy to complete: Pulse surveys are short by nature, meaning they generally have a higher response rate than longer engagement surveys.
  • Drill down on specific areas and themes: Pulse surveys are a great tool for measuring the effectiveness of a new initiative or an organisational change (e.g. new leadership or a new employee benefit).
  • Improve company culture: A culture of surveying employees builds trust and encourages openness and transparency, especially when feedback is taken onboard.
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Pulse surveys vs. engagement surveys: What’s the difference, and which is better?

Pulse surveys and engagement surveys both measure employee engagement and provide actionable insights that help organisations engage and retain their people.

The key difference is that pulse surveys are short, typically 5-15 questions, and are sent regularly (e.g. quarterly), whereas engagement surveys are longer, more detailed and are typically conducted annually.

Organisations can use pulse surveys to quickly check the sentiment of a particular area such as workplace culture, and track responses over time. Engagement surveys (aka annual surveys) can be used to dive deeper into multiple areas of a business at once and indicate organisational health.

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What is a good real-time employee survey tool?

Xref Pulse Surveys is an employee pulse survey tool that enables organisations to better understand their employees’ attitudes, perceptions and needs.

Xref Pulse Surveys features include:

  • Survey templates: Select from a library of best-practice questions to create your own survey tailored to a department or industry.
  • Bulk sending: Send up to 5000 surveys at once.
  • Progress updates: Receive notifications when surveys are completed.
  • Multi-language: Speak to your survey recipients in their language. 

Below are some of the benefits Xref Pulse Surveys can offer.

Real-time audience polling

Xref Pulse Surveys capture feedback “in the moment” rather than retrospectively. A regular survey cadence provides relevant, valuable insights. Visibility around how employees feel about various aspects of work “right now” allows organisations to identify and address issues promptly before they become a larger problem.

Automate the survey process

Xref Pulse Surveys automates the feedback request and collection process. Surveys can be scheduled to be sent at regular intervals (e.g. monthly or quarterly).

Ensure anonymity and honesty of feedback

Xref Pulse Surveys offer insights once five or more surveys are returned completed. Feedback is kept anonymous so you can feel confident you will receive accurate, trustworthy information.

Measure and track organisational metrics

Track survey results and measure employee engagement metrics to identify the strengths and areas of opportunity for the different departments in your organisation. Track feedback over time to know where your changes are making a difference.

Ask the right questions

Choose from a library of ready-to-use surveys with tried and tested, compliant questions. Use Survey Builder to create a survey tailored to any department, and be confident knowing that questions are free from unconscious bias.

Understand your employees better than before

Conducting employee engagement surveys is imperative for gaining visibility into how your employees perceive certain aspects of your organisation. 

Using Xref Pulse Surveys, organisations can automate the survey process, track and measure results in easy-to-read graphs and make data-informed changes to improve employee engagement and retention. 

To find out more about how Xref Pulse Surveys works and the benefits for your organisation, book a demo today. If you are interested in more in-depth Engagement Surveys, Xref offers this through our Engage solution.

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