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Market leader Xref tops list for reference checking software

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Xref wins 8 badges in G2 Fall 2022 report

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Despite fierce competition, global market leader Xref again ranks #1 in G2’s automated reference checking category. 

The global Fall 2022 report, issued by review platform G2 overnight, placed Xref first against 32 other contenders. 

Xref took home eight badges including Best Relationship and Usability. 

Xref wins 8 G2 badges

When asked about the win, James Lord, Xref’s Regional Director - America's said  “Hearing user feedback about Xref has been helpful for us to stay connected to our customers' needs and wants.”

“Potential new clients want to hear authentic stories about users’ experience with Xref so getting these incredible results, reviews and satisfaction scores shows us what we excel in and what we can improve.”

Headshot of James lord Xref Regional Director

Award-Winning Satisfaction Scores

As a marketing-led, data-driven organisation, authentic, verified customer reviews are crucial to Xref’s success. We take pride in offering top-tier customer experiences. 

According to the latest G2 results, 95% of users say Xref is easy to use and meets their requirements for reference checking. 94% of users recognised Xref’s high quality support and ease of setup. Overall, 93% said they would recommend Xref.

Xref has over 265 reviews with an average star rating of 4.7 out of 5. 

Some of the real customer reviews that contributed to Xref’s top rankings include: 

Review by John B. Mid-Market Talent Recruiter

Xref is the way to go. I like the ease of use for Xref. The navigating options/directions are crystal clear and it leaves less to do for the user (being able to send options with just a few clicks).
Xref is solving the issue of candidates being employed without a proper background check and also solving the issue of providing assurance when our stakeholders hire candidates with the use of the Reference Check option. Xref's flagging of suspicious activity is also extremely helpful.

Review by Shane S - HR Officer

Great Product - fast and reliable. I like the fact that it is all automated and easy to use. It benefits me through speed and time-saving when completing reference checks. 

Since Xref began in 2010, customers’ feedback has been crucial to improving the software and making it the best-of-breed and world-class in reference checking. This ranking and recognition comes as a result of the relentless dedication of the Xref team. 

Reference checking software helps employers and hiring managers to contact their potential hires’ professional references quickly and efficiently. Reference check solutions can eliminate the need for manual phone calls and email conversations by checking on candidates through surveys or other digital methods. 

To create the lists, G2 carefully analyses client reviews. The reviews are independent, legitimate and unbiased. 

Talent is on the Move

With talent on the move, business-critical platforms such as Xref are in high demand. Xref has significant expansion plans for seamless, end-to-end recruitment workflows through reference, Pulse and Exit surveys, tailored to the niche needs of recruiters and HR professionals. 

Broadening the scope of available automated HR solutions will allow organisations to not only understand the strengths and weaknesses of candidates coming into the business, but support them throughout their employment journey and uncover any feedback they have upon departure. This serves so support an organisation with growth and development for improved results when hiring and retaining future talent.

Thank you to all our wonderful customers who have taken the time to leave a review. If you’re an Xref customer looking to share your feedback on G2, we welcome your review here.

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