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What Award Wins Really Mean for Growing Businesses



Awards: The Success Behind the Accolades

If you follow us on social media you may have spotted a rise in the number of celebratory boomerangs we’ve been posting recently - we’re getting quite good at them!

And that’s because we’ve been recognised in two separate award campaigns that represent very different measures of success for our business but are both incredibly important accolades for our growth in the last year.

What do awards really mean for growing businesses?

It’s great to have the extra glassware in your boardroom, or to have badges to put on your social media accounts - these are the tangible things you get from winning an award - but what really counts is the impact these wins have on your team and customers.

Boosting team morale

It’s a wonderful thing to have external judges congratulate your hard-working team for their incredible successes. As a leader, you celebrate excellence wherever you can, but having an unbiased third party acknowledge everything your team has worked to achieve goes a long way to boost morale and prove, without doubt, that they are doing an outstanding job.

Proving your business as a trustworthy partner

Your clients want to know that they are working with the best in business. While the proof is in the pudding, as they say - and we always strive for excellence in tech and service - external validation that your business is going from strength to strength, or your service is tip-top, substantiates your wonderful customers’ decision to choose you (thanks, everyone).

Here’s a little about our most recent accolades.

Deloitte Tech Fast 50

The first was our appearance on the Deloitte Australia Technology Fast 50 list.

We are delighted to have achieved the growth we needed to be able to sit alongside some of the other fantastic names that made the list this year. As this was the first time we have been eligible to enter these awards, the fact that we ranked at number 22 says everything about the amount of growth we have achieved in the last year.

We’re grateful for all the congratulatory messages we’ve had since and love seeing the whole Xref team celebrating the achievement.

HRD Australia Service Provider Awards

A little over a week later, we were named Gold Medalists in the HRD Australia Service Provider awards, in both the pre-employment screening and recruitment categories.

Obviously, these categories are our bread and butter, but these awards aren't just about the technology you provide, they’re about the point of difference and value you offer customers. That is something we really pride ourselves on.

The technology our service is based on is robust, smart and always evolving and we have an incredible development team to thank for that. But those on the front line go just as far to help differentiate our brand. We are regularly applauded for the value of service we offer and the focus we put on being human.

While we are a technology company, the people behind it are passionate about improving the lives of recruitment and HR professionals and we’re committed to offering that support and service as we continue to grow.

Thanks again to both Deloitte Australia and HRD Australia for the recognition, and to the whole team at Xref. We’re thrilled to end the year on such as high!

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