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Xref Helps to Expand the LinkedIn Talent Hub Platform Capabilities

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Simplify your recruitment process with Xref and LinkedIn Talent Hub

Following the release of LinkedIn’s powerful applicant tracking system (ATS), LinkedIn Talent Hub, LinkedIn and Xref have recently joined forces. As a result, an automated reference checking solution is now available as part of a powerful and streamlined recruitment workflow.

With over 675 million users on the LinkedIn network, the reach and potential of talent acquisition is incredibly powerful. This integration allows hiring teams to source, manage, reference and hire all from one place.

The LinkedIn Talent Hub has been designed with the entire hiring team in mind. Having access to large amounts of information that LinkedIn provides, along with the insightful information provided from the Xref platform, you will have all the information you need to make data-driven decisions through the hiring process.

Automated Online Referencing with Xref

Powerful Insights

Access detailed written references stored securely in the cloud.

Multiple Reference Templates

Select tried-and-tested or bespoke reference templates relevant to the role.

Progress Updates

Stay updated on the progress of each reference with status updates.

Quick Setup

Add Xref to your LinkedIn Talent Hub workflow in just a few, simple steps.

Many professionals are already familiar with LinkedIn as a trusted source of business information and networking. This ATS and integration takes hiring one step further by providing users with an easy to navigate platform that simplifies the entire recruitment process. 

Time is such a valuable resource, especially within the recruitment industry. Having the capability to automate and streamline these processes will allow for a faster and more consistent candidate experience overall. 

Having access to everything you need in one secure place, also helps to set a structure for data-driven decisions to be made for every hire.

“Partnering with Xref helps to further streamline the candidate hiring experience. We will continue to work closely to ensure our customers can source, manage, and hire candidates all in one place.” - Katherine Tsay, Business Development at LinkedIn.

Three Easy Steps for Referencing

Request an Xref reference

Start by selecting "Run background check" from the menu on your candidate's profile. Select Xref from the list of integrated vendors and then choose the screening package you wish to apply. Enter the candidate's email address and hit "start check".

LinkedIn xref integration screen, run Xref check

Monitor the Progress

Stay up to speed on the status of an existing Xref check by selecting the candidate profile, where you will see status updates including "Requested", "Initiated" and "Completed". Click view to access a full breakdown of activity on that reference request.

LinkedIn xref integration screen, Xref check sent

Review the Results

You will be notified of the completion of a reference via email and the LinkedIn notification centre. Access the full reference report by clicking on the "View background check" link. Select the "Answered" icon in the report screen to view the submission by the reference.

View full Xref report screen

If you would like to find out more about LinkedIn Talent Hub book a demo here.

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