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Xref in Top 10 for G2’s 2022 List of Best Software



Ranked among the best in SaaS

Xref has ranked in the Top 10 of G2’s list of Best ANZ Sellers in the reference check category for 2022. The list recognises top software providers in ANZ based on authentic, verified customer reviews. 

The award is an exciting win after the recently published G2 winter report, which saw Xref rank first in usability and win seven badges in the following categories - Leader, Best Usability and Best Relationship. In addition, Xref took home the ‘Users Love Us’ badge which celebrates 20 or more reviews with a 4+ star rating. 

Real customer reviews that contributed to our Top 10 ranking

Review by Julia M, Talent Acquisition Project Lead

"We have been using Xref for several years and have integrated it into our ATS. Not only is the process incredibly convenient for our recruiters, but the quality of response and the turnaround times are incredible. The fact that you can track based on sentiment, number of words in a reply, and turnaround times make it incredibly easy to streamline this stage of our recruitment process. It is also an excellent tool for the collection of referees details as potential future contacts. Xref, has had a significant impact on our operations."


Review by Rebecca Z, Talent Acquisition Team Leader

"Xref makes it easy to request and receive references back quickly. Their interface is intuitive and straightforward. The reports generated are beneficial to our hiring managers to see if the reference was positive or not quickly. The AI is highly accurate. I would recommend XRef to any HR/TA team who has a high volume of reference checks to complete. As an added bonus, XRef can be used anywhere in the world so we have been able to use it for positions [globally] without any issues."

Since our beginnings in 2009, we’ve listened to our customers’ feedback and improved our software to make it the best-of-breed in reference checking. This ranking and recognition comes as a result of the relentless dedication of our team. 

G2 carefully analyses each review to create the “Best Software” list for 2022. The reviews are independent, legitimate and unbiased. To be included in one of G2’s “Best Of” lists, a software seller or product must receive at least 50 approved and published reviews during the 2021 calendar year. Scores reflect only data from reviews submitted during this evaluation period. 


Our commitment to high standards in 2022

We continue to work hard to offer our clients the best possible experience, ensuring: 

  • Efficiency, ease and speed - Our solution allows users to request a reference in 30 seconds and see the results returned in as little as 24 hours. 
  • Compliance and governance - Xref is certified by the world’s highest global standard for data security. Xref is ISO 27001 certified and offers globally compliant data collection and storage, giving you peace of mind. It meets all regulatory requirements, ensuring every candidate is assessed fairly. 
  • Reliability, value and trust - We are trusted by more than 1,200 businesses globally and offer a reliable tech solution with dedicated account managers and local support. We are proud to offer our customers an enterprise-ready solution that scales with businesses as they grow. 
  • Unusual activity detection - Our platform detected more than 7,000 cases of potential fraud in one 12 month period. Xref's unique algorithm monitors for unusual activity during a reference and raises a red flag if anything potentially fraudulent is detected. 
  • Relevant and valuable insights - We offer candidate assessment at a glance, delivering relevant data analytics to inform great recruitment decisions with tailored and comparable insights, perfect for candidate benchmarking.

Thank you to all our wonderful customers who have taken the time to leave a review. If you’re an Xref customer looking to share your feedback on G2, we’d welcome your review here.

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To learn more, view G2’s 2022 Best Software List and read more about G2’s methodology.

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