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Xref Remains Market Leader for Automated Reference Checking Software

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Xref won 8 badges in the latest G2 2022 summer results - Users love us, Momentum leader, leader, mid-market leader, Best relationship mid-market, best relationship, best usability and best usability mid market

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Xref has again ranked first for reference checking software globally in both mid-market and general categories in G2’s latest Summer 2022 report, released overnight. 

As a global market leader, Xref has placed first against 30 other reference checking software providers with the highest overall scores for satisfaction and usability. 

Xref wins 8 badges

Xref has taken home a total of eight badges including Best Relationship, Best Usability and Market Leader signifying high ratings by G2 users and substantial satisfaction and Market Presence scores. 

Headshot of Marketing Director Karina Guerra with quote in black and green text: We love reading about how Xref solves business problems for professionals in the HR space.

When asked about the win, Xref’s Global Marketing Director Karina Guerra said, 

At Xref, our customers are at the heart of all our activities. Using G2 has allowed us to listen to our customers’ feedback. 
For us, the G2 rank is a metric that indicates the satisfaction of our customers. We love reading about how Xref solves business problems for professionals in the HR space.

Ratings and Reviews

three green and grey pie charts: 96% of users say Xref is easy to do business with, 95% say the product is easy to use and 93% say they would recommend Xref.

G2’s results are based on authentic, verified customer reviews. With a Net Promotor Score of 81, 96% of users say Xref is easy to do business with, 95% say the product is easy to use and 93% say they would recommend Xref.

Xref has over 255 reviews with an average star rating of 4.7 out of 5. 

Some of the real customer reviews that contributed to Xref’s top rankings include: 

Review by Moyra D, Recruitment Support Officer

I like that the process is clear and easy to follow for all involved, also that there are reminders/prompts sent to both the candidate and referee. 
I like the support being provided as well. Xref has helped reduce the amount of time spent manually checking references. One main benefit is being able to build templates specific to the range of roles we recruit for.

 Review by Sophie H, Lead Booking Consultant - Healthcare

The system is super user-friendly making it easy for recruiters, candidates and referees to login and complete references quickly. As a result of the rigorous security & compliance checking on Xref (audit trail on every reference, checking IP address etc) to be a massive benefit, references you can trust to be authentic! 
Using Xref's automated service reduces time spent on the phone chasing referees which ultimately results in a higher satisfaction rate from the candidate and client, enabling roles to be filled faster!

G2 is highly respected in the software industry. To further boost chances of a number one ranking, Karina explains that Xref,

spent time understanding how G2 ranks work to come up with improvements to our offering. Achieving the #1 rank in the reference checking category is something we are very proud of as a team.

Since Xref began in 2009, customers’ feedback has been crucial to improving the software and making it the best-of-breed and world-class in reference checking. This ranking and recognition comes as a result of the relentless dedication of the Xref team. 

Reference checking software helps employers and hiring managers to contact their potential hires’ professional references quickly and efficiently. Reference check solutions can eliminate the need for manual phone calls and email conversations by checking on candidates through surveys or other digital methods. 

To create the lists, G2 carefully analyses client reviews. The reviews are independent, legitimate and unbiased. 

Future Plans

In the coming months, Xref will release automated Exit Surveys to accompany the reference checking solution. Broadening the scope of available automated solutions will allow organisations to not only understand the strengths and weaknesses of candidates coming into the business, but help uncover any feedback they have upon departure. This serves the purpose of helping that organisation to grow and improve themselves for future talent.

Thank you to all our wonderful customers who have taken the time to leave a review. If you’re an Xref customer looking to share your feedback on G2, we welcome your review here.

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