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Xref is a global, best in class, HR and recruitment technology company that empowers organisations with people-focused feedback to make great decisions.

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We are people-first. As an innovative, online tech solution, Xref empowers organisations to make great people decisions based on data-driven feedback collected throughout the talent journey.

With a passionate team behind everything that we do, Xref's vision is to change the way organisations collect and action feedback from their people. We're growing rapidly with plenty of exciting new developments in play. We remain committed to further building upon a fun, yet hardworking culture that celebrates every new success together.

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Driven by ambition

We’re all driven by the same goal to change the way the world hires in whatever part we play. We work hard to achieve our clients’ objectives as well as our own individual goals.

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A big heart

Our people, clients and employees alike, are the heart and core of who we are. We’re there for each other through the challenges and make sure to celebrate the good times too.

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Positively charged

Whatever we do, we do with a positive attitude and lots of energy. We’re known for being a fun, light-hearted bunch and that shows through all our work.

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2020 has shown us the value of a more outcome driven approach to work. Whilst we’ve always supported the personal commitments of our people, we now offer hybrid work and we love it!

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Career development

Whether you're taking on new responsibilities, following your passion to a new area of the business or starting an adventure in any of our other global offices - we're proud to offer tailored opportunities.

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we love any excuse to celebrate - here’s an extra day to take off just for you.

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We’re a social bunch and sure know how to have a good time! From fancy dress to axe throwing to team BBQs on our balcony.

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When did you join Xref and what was your first role?

I joined Xref in 2016 as a Customer Success Consultant. I had recently graduated from Uni and was looking to get into the recruitment industry. I met with the friendly Xref team and after a phone call from the CEO, my decision was quickly made. I was brought on to champion Xref's support function and provide administrative assistance to the Customer Success and Sales teams. For the first month I spent my days answering inbound support queries and brushing up on my Ping Pong skills. Before I knew it I was supporting the Sales team with key reporting and analytics, hosting training webinars for new users and picking up accounts to manage.

How has your role at Xref progressed?

Within nine months of joining Xref we had doubled our headcount, and after picking up several responsibilities outside of my original job description, I was promoted to Customer Success Manager where I officially took on a diverse portfolio of customer accounts. My role quickly changed from REactive to PROactive, but the nine months I had spent on support made me a SME on all things Xref, giving me the confidence to get out in front of clients and help them truly embed online referencing in their business.

Not only was our team growing at a record pace, but so was our service offering. 20-30% of our customers were using Xref integrated with their Applicant Tracking System. It became increasingly challenging for our Customer Success Managers to not only be SMEs on the Xref platform, but also know how to set up, train, and support customers on all of our many integration partners.

I recognised this pain-point and took it upon myself to champion our integrations. In June 2019 after spending two years as a Customer Success Manager, Xref promoted me to a Partnerships Success Manager, where I took extra responsibility to build and maintain relationships with Xref's integration partners. This role opened up several new opportunities for me. I got to broaden my network, attend more events and travel both interstate and globally. Some of my highlights were spending a day at sea with JobAdder and FlareHR after winning a partner lead-sharing competition, spending a few days in Auckland at a Snaphire event whilst spreading the news of our new New Zealand team and office. But best of all was a trip to San Francisco where I met with our Canadian Customer Success Manager to attend the world's biggest Customer Success Conference.  

In June 2020, a position opened up in the Development team to lead Integrations. After spending an incredible four years in Customer Success I took the opportunity to go on and shape the way Xref builds new partner integrations. Xref invested in my professional development by enrolling me in Agile Project Management and Business Analysis courses and that brings me to where I am today!

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

What I enjoy most about my current role is being empowered to make decisions on how Xref integrates with our partner platforms and knowing that those decisions positively impact the efficiency of recruitment teams across the world. It's nice to be able to leverage my understanding of "best practice" with regards to Xref integrations, having spent previous years working directly with end users.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to work at Xref?

If you want to be part of a company with an awesome product who are well established and loved in the industry then you should join the Xref family. The team is extremely supportive, the working arrangements are flexible and you will feel empowered to have a say and make a difference.

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When did you join Xref and what was your first role?

I've joined Xref in April 2020 as DevOps Infrastructure Engineer.

How has your role at Xref progressed?

It was indeed an exciting journey in Xref and in December 2022, I was promoted to Lead DevOps and Security Engineer.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

It's a very challenging role, but I enjoy every bit of it. Ours is an evolving application, and it's great that I get chances to learn new technologies and implement them. It gives me immense pleasure to tweak our existing platform to improve its security, design, provision of redundant & scalable infrastructure and pipelines. The relationship between my top-level managers and me is very transparent and friendly. I am always feeling motivated and inspired at work. It's great to work with such an enthusiastic Dev team. Everyone shares their ideas and works together as a team to make them happen. The beauty of the team is that no one has any hesitation to appreciate each other. Also, I love our monthly games and team social - they are very entertaining. I love that I have a great degree of flexibility, freedom and work-life balance with my job.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to work at Xref?

Xref has a positive work culture and allows employees to work freely with awesome support from everyone in the team. It's evident that the employees are motivated and appreciated for their efforts. Career progression is one of the key mottos of Xref, which promotes its employees to take on new challenges. Xref actively seeks your input and suggestions and makes you feel respected as an employee. Top importance is given to health, safety and family. Without any hierarchical differentiation, everyone is friendly, approachable and works together to achieve the same mission. We usually have Company-wide, or Team events and they are super fun. In short, you will feel like Xref is a second home :-)

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Can you describe your role at Xref?

My role is largely centred around our wide range of New Zealand customers, ensuring their Xref experience is exceptional. 

From sourcing and onboarding new customers to renewing contracts and keeping our network updated with exciting platform updates, my main focus is to make the implementation and ongoing use of our Xref tools seamless and valuable for our clients.

Why I love working at Xref

Xref allows me to connect with my New Zealand network in a unique way, offering genuine value in the SaaS space. The caliber of our products enables me to hear success stories, build lasting client relationships, and participate in industry-focused events, fostering community discussion.

What inspired you to become an Account Executive?

I've always enjoyed people-focused roles. Coming from a background in 360 agency recruitment, the skills I developed in client liaison, needs analysis, and relationship building found a perfect match in the role of an Account Executive.

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When did you join Xref and what was your first role?

I joined Xref in 2017 as an Account Executive to focus on generating and closing new business deals in the sales team. I was based in Sydney HQ and having come from a very niche industry (I was in agency recruitment for Insurance), I loved the breadth of opportunity that there was with Xref and I was incredibly excited to be able to pitch such a value-adding product to a broad client base!

How has your role at Xref progressed?

Where do I begin? Xref has been instrumental in the development of my career!

What I loved straight away (and still love) was that one day I could be speaking to a government organisation, the next day a retail chain, and the day after that a construction group!

Being a Kiwi, I chose to focus much of my energy on the New Zealand market, where we had a small presence, but where there was a lot of opportunity. Before I knew it, I was flying back and forth to New Zealand (yep, pre-covid!) on a monthly basis and building the New Zealand market, while feeling incredibly content that I was also able to spend more time seeing my family. I love that Xref invested in me and had the confidence in me to focus on a self-selected area, and grow it to over 150 clients here!

After two successful years working in this way, and with the increased time at home, I was at a point in my life where I was ready to return home to New Zealand. Not only did Xref show me unwavering support in my move, I was also promoted and given the opportunity to open the New Zealand office and continue my career with Xref as the New Zealand Country Manager.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

I have enjoyed being on the ground in New Zealand and growing both our client base and team here. I feel incredibly grateful to have such a great New Zealand based team providing market-leading services for our wonderful clients. We certainly have created a great synergy which ultimately sees our clients, candidates and referees benefiting the most! Above all, I’m grateful to Xref for the opportunities and support that have been given to me since I joined this business. The product is absolutely brilliant, so it is still a pleasure to sell to this day.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to work at Xref?

Embrace change! Xref is very dynamic and constantly evolving and is not a place to get stuck in your ways! The great thing about this is that your ideas and contributions are heard, and more often than not, can be actioned. If you have a voice, you have an influence.

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When did you join Xref and what was your first role?

I joined Xref in 2019 as an Internal Accountant at the Toronto office in Canada. I had just started my CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) journey and always wanted to work at a technology-driven, global, and a thriving company. I had a video interview with James, our CFO, who told me about Xref and its expansion to the global markets. Right away, I knew it was an exciting opportunity – I was impressed by the Xref story and the product!

How has your role at Xref progressed?

The Xref finance team is located in Sydney, and as the North American business grew it was quickly known that invoicing and banking queries had to be done in the same time zone. Being the first and only finance person in the Northern Hemisphere was challenging at first since any questions I had wouldn’t be answered until the evening or my next working day. However, the team always found the time for a call, whether it was an early morning for them or after working hours – that’s when I knew I was in a great place that is supportive and caring.In the same year, I joined Xref, we acquired RapidID, which also needed to be taken care of from the finance side. This was added to my role and then I was promoted to Finance Manager. In this role I have learned and continue to learn skills in many areas - from reporting to budgeting to year-end audits – the list is endless. I am very grateful to Xref for giving me opportunities to grow and for investing in my professional development.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

Coming from traditional accounting and bookkeeping roles where companies still print and file invoices – Xref was quite a change!I became acquainted with cloud-based accounting (and all the different software) for the first time – I love that our CFO is a huge advocate for automating everything that can be automated. This kind of future-driven environment not only makes accounting life easier and creates time for creative projects, but is inspiring in terms of where tech and AI can take us and advance our profession. This also made the transition to working from home an easy one – everything I need is on my laptop!I love that the finance team is always busy and our projects are diverse that require lots of problem-solving and thinking ahead.I also enjoy working with a very hard-working Northern Hemisphere team that carries out the Xref vision to the other side of the world.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to work at Xref?

It is a great company to work for, it’s growing really fast, but core values are never lost. Xref:

  • is driven by ambition
  • the product is constantly evolving to meet clients’ needs, management roots for everyone’s success and your ideas are heard;
  • has a big heart
  • absolutely everyone is approachable and supportive, and
  • is positively charged : the unstoppable attitude and optimism are felt right away.Every role provides room for growth and innovation
  • let your personality shine!
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When did you join Xref and what was your first role?

My first contract job with Xref was in November 2012; then, I did a few more until I joined them full time as the first developer and second employee in February 2014. I was the first developer, and I rebuilt the whole platform in Python.

How has your role at Xref progressed?

From the first developer to a Senior Developer with a team of 5, then Head Architect leading a team of 20+, then to the Lead DevOps and Security role, and now back to leading the team as the Director of Engineering for both Xref and RapidID.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

You can get great work opportunities in many companies or a good culture and environment in some places. To get both of these in one place is highly unlikely. I am fortunate enough to experience this at Xref. This is a fun place to work and I get up every day looking forward to making a mark on the business.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to work at Xref?

Smile, have some fun while you work, and be as simple as you can be. This is a great place to work, everyone has a voice and everyone is willing to see what you bring to the table.

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