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Xref helps Hudson RPO improve their operations

Hudson's Global RPO Leader explains how automated reference checking has improved efficiency within the team while providing comprehensive feedback that supports Hudson’s psychometric testing.

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"Xref has revolutionized our recruitment process.”


Average word count of reference checks with Xref


References completed outside of business hours

29 hrs

Average referee turnaround time

Hudson RPO is one of the world’s leading Recruitment ProcessOutsourcing companies. They believe that “Nothing matters more than the people who power your organisation.”[1]

As such, reference checking is not only important to their ongoing global success, but critical.

And Xref’s automated online system has been an absolute game-changer according to Hudson’s Global RPO Leader, Kimberley Hubble.

Read Hudson’s customer story below

Reference checking is an integral element of the recruitment process and a vital cog in Hudson’s operations.

Hudson’s aim is to deliver the most efficient and valuable service to their clients. However prior to adopting Xref, it had become apparent that Hudson’s manual and admin-heavy reference checking procedure wasn’t maximising their service to their clients.

Previous Pain Points for Hudson

  • Time wastage: The length it was taking to complete reference checks meant Hudson had less time to spend on the important recruitment tasks that require human interaction.
  • Cost: The time wasted was also a cost to the business financially.
  • Quality: The manually sourced references added minimal insight or value to their recruitment process.
  • Service: Ultimately, the system wasn’t supporting their efforts to introduce better talent to clients.
“We’d been on a mission to utilise developments in technology and update their processes,” Hubble said. “We took a targeted approach to finding the elements of the recruitment journey that could be made more efficient and quickly recognised that reference checking as one that would benefit from automation.”

Benefits provided by Xref

Hudson needed a solution that would make reference checking simple, user-friendly, and automated.

Since April 2014, Xref has enabled:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: 51%of references are completed outside of business hours.
  • Time reduction: The average turnaround time for references is an amazing 29 hours, saving Hudson over 3,500 hours per year.
  • Flexibility: “The fact we can customise the questions we ask and the competencies we’re measuring people against is incredibly useful.”
  • Quality: Each candidate has an average of two thorough references with over 380 words written for each.
  • Risk reduction:  There have been 307 fraudulent references detected to date.
  • Enhanced service: “We now spend more time with our candidates and have increased the volume and value of the conversations we’re having with them.”

"Xref makes us a well-oiled recruitment machine and allows us to pass benefits of that on to clients, such as the impressive time-to-fill we can offer, wherever a candidate is based.” - Hudson’s Global RPOLeader, Kimberley Hubble.
“We started small, piloting the platform with a select team, Hubble explained. “But after quickly seeing an uptick in efficiency and productivity, and hearing positive feedback from both referees and candidates, the solution was rolled out across Australia and has since been taken into other markets.
“We use it every day in our business.”

[1] Hudson RPO Asia Pacific: Recruitment ProcessOutsourcing

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