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How Pinpoint Talent Improves turnaround Time and Efficiency

Pinpoint Talent uses Xref for online reference checking in their recruitment processes and enjoys an improvement in turnaround time, costs and headcount efficiency.

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“Integrating Xref with JobAdder has helped to relieve some of our biggest recruitment pressures.“


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Tell us a bit about Pinpoint Talent

We have an abundance of work hiring for IT Government roles through the panel arrangements we have with our Federal and State Government clients. We also have established relationships with a number of private organisations and work on a variety of permanent roles for them. Through these relationships we will also hire for roles outside of IT, covering a number of disciplines and departments, including Telco’s, utilities, not-for-profit, infrastructure, and finance.

What’s your background and role at Pinpoint?

This is my first role as an external recruiter. Previously I’ve done internal recruitment for a few different industries, mainly retail, food and beverage at an operations level but the culture at Pinpoint Talent was what won me over as I’m offered the opportunity to have my individuality and put my own personality on the role.

When I joined, I brought my passion for and understanding of technology. I quickly became the go-to for all things technology and a superuser of our ATS, JobAdder, as well as everything else attached to it. While the agency was already using JobAdder, I noticed there was so much more we could be doing with it, so much more value it could offer.

When did Pinpoint move to automated reference checking?

As users of JobAdder, our directors became aware of the Xref integration when it was introduced at an event. When the Xref team came in to tell us a little more about it, we immediately saw the benefits and decided to give it a go.

It was very easy to get the integration up and running and for our team to just start using Xref via JobAdder.

But, again, I looked at it slightly differently. I am very analytical, business operations minded and procedural driven. So I will look at the tools, how they’re working together and how we could be using them better. And I’m always talking to JobAdder and Xref about that, sharing my thoughts and feedback on any new features and working together to make sure we’re getting the most out of the platforms.

What are the main benefits of using Xref?

My first impression of Xref was that it was going to make our lives so much easier and mean we have one less thing to worry about.

Trying to schedule a time to speak to a referee and playing phone tag was such a time waster. And often there would be additional challenges when you did get hold of them, such as poor phone signal meaning the call would cut out.

It’s also proven to be quite beneficial from a referee’s perspective. Having been a referee for many people in the past, I know I would appreciate being able to do it in my own time without having to schedule a time to talk to someone about it and worrying about my comments being misconstrued or edited.

It gives them peace of mind that what they type is locked in and there are benefits of that in terms of privacy and accuracy from both a referee and employer's perspective.

The turnaround times are also a massive benefit. It can be difficult enough to find the right candidate but when you’re working for a recruitment agency you have the added time and expectation pressures from clients. As the majority of our clients are Government, turnaround time is incredibly important. Integrating Xref with JobAdder has helped to relieve some of our biggest recruitment pressures.

It’s important to show clients how we’re doing things and where we’ve adopted automation to improve our processes. Our clients want to know what have we implemented that gives us a point of difference over other agencies. So we make that automation piece and the benefits behind it very transparent.

What has been your experience of the Xref and JobAdder integration?

JobAdder is really our one stop shop and we love that we can easily request an Xref reference from it, without having to jump out and into Xref separately. Everything’s interlinked and accessible from the JobAdder platform.

However, it is great that we have the assurance of being able to make specific changes directly through the Xref platform if we need to. We also know we have access to the Xref team if we ever have any questions. We have a direct line of conversation with them and they’re available to help with any questions we have about the platform or integration.

Together, the platforms allow us to manage our time more effectively. When integrations work, they quickly become “business as usual” and form part of our standard procedures. That’s definitely what we’ve seen as a team with the JobAdder and Xref integration.

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