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How Revera benefits from time-saving and extra layers of security

Revera shares the benefits of Xref's online reference checking software for the elderly care industry. Results include improved efficiency, time-saving and an extra layer of reference security.

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"We now enjoy an extra layer of referencing security."


References they have now taken online


The average time taken to turnaround references


Percentage of references completed without the need to chase referees

Revera provides seniors accommodation across Canada, the US and the UK. Given the care the business provides, the HR team is extremely careful to ensure they are not taking any unnecessary risks during hiring and understand the importance of conducting reference checks to be certain that the right people are hired.

Since introducing Xref, Josie Cugliari and her team have benefitted from the efficiency and time savings it offers, as well as the simplicity of the tool. The extra layer of security that the platform offers also gives them the peace of mind they need about the individuals they are taking references from.

Using Xref has:

  • Significantly reduced the average turnaround time for references
  • Benefited from the assurance offered by Xref’s fraud algorithm
  • Been given peace of mind about the people brought into the business

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