How Shine Lawyers get time back from Xrefs Automated referencing

Discover the ease, efficiency and assurance Xref has offered the talent acquisition team at Shine Lawyers, as they collect detailed information about candidates.

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How Shine Lawyers get time back from Xrefs Automated referencing






Tell us a bit about Shine Lawyers 

Established in Toowoomba, Queensland more than 40 years ago, Shine Lawyers is one of Australia's largest personal injury law firms. We now have local branches across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia, which house teams of local experts who all boast a strong commitment to our “Right Wrong” ethos.

There are two of us in the Talent Acquisition team and we look after the sourcing and recruitment of all roles across the business, which typically includes up to 300 hires a year. 

What are the main hiring challenges currently facing the legal industry? 

Our biggest challenge is securing the niche talent we’re looking for, quickly. Every Solicitor or Paralegal we interview, with a specialised skill set, could be interviewing with two to three other law firms at the same time. 

So, we need the reference checking process to be as efficient as possible and to meet the needs of our line managers, who often want us to offer candidates as soon as they come out of the interview to avoid missing out on great talent. 

What led to your decision to implement Xref? 

Previously, when we were spending a lot of time chasing references and playing phone tag, this had an impact on our time-to-fill and it was, of course, very time-consuming. 

We heard about Xref through a contact in our Talent Acquisition network. They were thrilled with the experience they’d had with the customer support team, as well as the software, and the time it was saving in their recruitment process. Upon receiving this feedback, we were very interested to hear about it!

After our contact had told us about how it worked, we immediately got in touch with the Xref team and they were able to provide us with free demonstrations before we purchased the product. It was a no-brainer!

What have been the main benefits of introducing Xref? 

The ability to complete reference checks in a timely manner is the most obvious benefit for us. It also allows us to focus more on the recruitment of active roles while having peace of mind that references are being collected in the background. 

As a team, we spend a lot of the day on the phone and trying to make ourselves available for reference calls is difficult. By using Xref, the control is placed back in our candidates’ hands and the whole process is made much easier for referees who can complete the online questionnaire in their own time and in as much detail as they like.

And we really appreciate the amount of detail we do get from referees. We receive significantly more feedback than we are usually able to gather using the phone-based approach, where one-word answers are a challenge and often just a way to speed up the conversation, rather than providing useful insights. 

The at-a-glance view of a reference check’s sentiment is another really useful feature, as well as the ease with which we can export a final report out of the system to be able to include it in our offer proposal to the hiring manager.

We no longer have to factor references into our busy days and Xref leaves us time to source those unicorn candidates!

What would you tell others about Xref?  

You will absolutely not regret implementing Xref. It will add an extra level of detail to your recruitment process, while also giving you hours back in your week.

Xref is simple to use, very effective and it offers a safer way to collect personal information.

Why Xref?

Faster Referencing icon, branded colours
Faster reference turnaround times

Have detailed reference checks completed within 24-36 hours.

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Ability to benchmark candidates

Measure candidates against core competencies specific to the role.

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Real-time progress updates

Keep track of the progress of your requested references with real-time updates.

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Reduced risk of reference fraud

Receive notifications of suspicious activity with Xref's multi-touch fraud algorithm.

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