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Xref Enables Referees to Respond in Their Own Time | WilsonCTS

WilsonCTS's recruitment manager reviews Xref online, automated reference checking software and shares how Xref supported recruitment during a high growth phase.

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"Xref provided great process efficiency during a high growth phase."


References they have now taken online


The average time taken to turnaround references


Percentage of references completed without the need to chase referees

Recruitment agency, WilsonCTS, works with clients across Canada and the US to help fill both permanent and contract vacancies. The WilsonCTS team grew by more than 400% in just 12 months, and highlighted a need to find efficiencies to manage that high level of growth.

With Xref, WilsonCTS has seen significant process improvements, including reduced turnaround times, greater convenince for referees, a larger volume of information and more candid referee responses. The added layer of security Xref offers also allows WilsonCTS to give clients peace of mind that the right people are providing the feedback on which they will base their final hiring decision.

Using Xref, WilsonCTS has:

  • Significantly reduced the time taken to complete the reference checking process
  • Enabled referees to respond to reference requests in their own time
  • Gathered more candid feedback from referees

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