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Get a handle on your hiring with Xref & JobAdder.


JobAdder is a flexible recruitment platform with over 10,000 users across 45 countries. The tool is complete with powerful automation and an intuitive interface, so, naturally, we're fans. Xref is fully embedded within JobAdder so you can request reference checks directly from the platform without having to pick up the phone.

Status Updates

Stay updated on the progress of each reference with status updates.

Bulk References

Save time by selecting multiple candidates to reference at once.

Quick Setup

Set up Xref within your JobAdder account in as little as 24 hours.

Multiple Reference Templates

Select tried-and-tested or bespoke reference templates relevant to the role.

Request Xref in JobAdder integration

Request your Xref reference

Find Xref within the “Actions” menu and select the relevant package for the role you are referencing to submit your request.

Monitor the progress

The Xref description and results fields will keep you up to speed with the progress of your reference request.

Monitor progress in JobAdder integration
View report in JobAdder integration

Access your final report

Find full request details within the Xref lifecycle and select “Answered” to view a full, completed reference.


Don’t do the leg work when you don’t have to, let Xref do all the heavy lifting.