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Streamline your hiring process with Xref & Lever.


Lever provides the industry's first and only natively integrated ATS and CRM platform in one. Xref's integration with Lever allows you to request automated, employment reference checks directly from Lever. To get started, activate Xref by downloading the app from Lever’s marketplace.

Faster reference turnaround times

Have detailed reference checks completed within 24-36 hours.

Ability to benchmark candidates

Measure candidates against core competencies specific to the role.

Real-time progress updates

Keep track of the progress of your requested references with real-time updates.

Reduced risk of reference fraud

Receive notifications of suspicious activity with Xref's multi-touch fraud algorithm.

Request Xref in Lever integration

Submit your Xref request

Move your candidate to the reference checking phase by selecting ‘Reference Check’ from the drop-down menu in their profile and sending a request.

Monitor the progress

Check the status of your reference check at a glance using the Xref status updates included in the Lever tags feature.

Monitor progress in Lever integration
View report in Lever integration

Access your final report

Follow the Xref status link to access the reporting dashboard and download the final reference report when the status changes to "Answered".


Don’t do the leg work when you don’t have to, let Xref do all the heavy lifting.