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Move and manage your data with Xref & Zapier.


Zapier is trusted by businesses around the globe to build smooth workflows between online tools to move and manage data. Through the Xref and Zapier integration, you can now automate your reference checking process and automatically send data to you in-house applicant tracking system (ATS) or CRM.

Zapier easily transfers data between your web apps and the Xref platform.

Integrate For Ease & Speed

Link to multiple web apps with a few clicks, so you can share data seamlessly.

Automate Your Processes

Pass information between apps with workflows called “Zaps”.

Innovate Your Workflow

Build processes faster with no requirement for code.

Automate Routine Tasks

Let "Zaps" complete actions, while you solve more important problems.


Don’t do the leg work when you don’t have to, let Xref do all the heavy lifting.