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5 HR Trending Topics for November 2020!



It’s November, and we’ve got the latest HR dig from some popular HR articles. Research and expert insights can go a long way in helping you shape your HR functions. Go ahead, have a quick read.

1. Leadership and HR strategy

Every individual has been affected by the pandemic, it is vital for a leader to understand the personal impact and shift the organisational processes to support its staff, customer and communities. A crisis though tough can be a great opportunity to learn and the change could benefit areas of the organisation whether strategy or culture. How to Avoid Leadership Blindspots is a great read for leaders to get a wider perspective on how they can navigate their teams through unexpected times.

2. Employee Engagement

Employee experience is as vital to your organisation as a good customer experience. Employees form the backbone of your business success and employer brand. Whether you work in an ambitious tech company, a growth-minded healthcare organisation, a fast-paced hospitality business, or somewhere else entirely 6 Essential Employee Engagement Trends You Need To Action in 2021 are some practices that you can master. 

3. Workplace Relations

Isolation can make us less tolerant of people’s viewpoints. At the workplace, conflict can have a severe negative impact. There is a way to disagree with colleagues without ruining work relationships. Rhonda Brighton-Hall FCPHR, founder and CEO of mwah (making work absolutely human), shares 3 Tips for Arguing Effectively at Work.

4. Diversity and Inclusion

Three in five working women question whether fighting for a promotion or pay raise is even worth it – considering the hurdles they've faced in the COVID-19 crisis. The Pandemic is Taking a Toll on Women's Career Growth reveals the challenges faced by women in the workforce during this pandemic.

5. Mental Health and Wellness

With mental health being a continuing concern, it’s time to move on from awareness campaigns to implementing proven programs that support employees. Four Signs Your Workplace Doesn’t Take Mental Health Seriously will shed some light on your current wellness programs. 

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