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Understanding Xref: 7 Key Questions Answered

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For us, witnessing that ‘lightbulb moment’ when the Xref solution is first introduced to new customers is really exciting.

And, of course, we love to answer all the queries that come up during these early stages. So, we’ve compiled a list of our most commonly covered questions and answers.

7 FAQs about Xref

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1. Is Xref the same as outsourcing reference checks?

Unlike outsourced reference checking providers, we don’t simply take the phone-based approach and call references for you. We provide the software that allows employers to request, collect and securely store written reference checks online.

2. How beneficial are references? Are they always a true reflection of a person?

Reference checking offers an employer valuable opinions and insight into a candidate's professional skills, traits and personality, as well as the opportunity to identify capability alignment with specific job criteria.

It is the only stage of the recruitment process that offers third party input to verify or disprove a candidate's claims.

Of course, we cannot guarantee the validity of the comments made in a reference but Xref offers the advantage of monitoring for any red flags that might indicate fraudulent behaviour – something that is simply not possible when conducting references by phone.

3. How do you know the right person is answering the questions?

When a candidate is asked for a reference, you can never be 100% confident that they will put forward someone who is appropriate or that the contact details they provide are actually those of the person they’ve named.

While we can’t stop candidate’s doing this, Xref can detect when they are trying to trick the system.

Our fraud detection algorithm, which monitors multiple data points during the reference process, will raise a red flag whenever something doesn’t look quite right. And our friendly and experienced customer success team will offer their guidance on how to you should handle any potentially fraudulent activity.

4. How do you ‘probe’ if you’re not having a verbal conversation?

We know there may be occasions when you want to explore a reference’s written response to a question in more detail. So, often, the last question on a template is whether the reference would be willing to receive a call from the prospective employer and, if so, what time they would be available.

More often than not, the reference agrees to this and the employer has permission to contact them at a time that works well for them.

5. How is everyone kept updated on the progress of a reference?

One of the main benefits of automated reference checking vs traditional methods is the convenience and transparency it offers.

Candidates - rather than being left in the dark, candidates are notified when the reference is started and completed, alleviating any stress or anxiety.

References - the online nature of Xref allows references to provide feedback at a time that suits them - whether it’s during a break between other tasks, on their phone or tablet during their commute, or outside business hours.

Employers - using the dashboard on their Xref account, employers can keep track of the progress of all references. They too are informed if a reference has not yet been completed, and can liaise with candidates to resolve the issue quickly.

6. How long does it take to implement Xref?

We can have you up and running in one business day.

The simplicity of the Xref platform also makes it quick and easy to bring new team members up to speed, ensuring you never have a lag in the process due to training requirements.

7. What industry or type of hiring is Xref best for?

In short, any! Xref brings ease, speed and assurance to the reference checking process for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

From NFPs and charitable organisations that benefit from the hiring audit trail Xref offers; to retailers who can do their due diligence on high-volume seasonal hires quickly and with confidence; and large enterprises who require very specific questions to be asked of their executive-level hires.

We provide a service that can be utilised by every industry and every hiring requirement. .

For more information on the benefits of the platform, hear directly from some of the businesses we work with globally on our customer stories page.

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