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General FAQs About Xref

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General FAQs About Xref

Got a burning question about Xref or online reference checking in general? Check out some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients.

How does Xref work?‍

Step 1: The candidate shares details of their referees. 

Step 2: The candidate’s referees receive an email linking to your questionnaire, on the Xref platform. 

Step 3: Referees submit the required information and you are alerted once a reference has been completed. 

You will also be able to track the progress of the reference check throughout the process, with real-time updates in the Xref platform.

What industry or type of hiring is Xref best for?

We provide a service that can be utilised by every industry and every hiring requirement. From NFPs and charitable organisations that benefit from the hiring audit trail Xref offers; to retailers who can do their due diligence on high-volume seasonal hires quickly and with confidence; and large enterprises who require very specific questions to be asked of their executive-level hires.

What is the difference between using Xref and outsourcing reference checks?

Unlike outsourced reference checking providers, we don’t simply take the phone-based approach and call referees for you. We provide the software that allows employers to request, collect and securely store written reference checks online.

Why should I use Xref instead of a cheaper reference checking software? 

Robust reference checking requires reliable software. There are many benefits to using the Xref reference checking tool; we’ve listed the most significant ones below:

  1. ISO certified: Xref is ISO 27001 certified, offering globally compliant data collection and storage, an assurance not offered by all reference checking software. 
  2. Integrates with ATS: Xref integrates with some of the world’s leading HR and ATS platforms and delivers tailored data insights. 
  3. Software legacy: Xref has more than a decade of automated reference checking experience. This arms our team with a wealth of insights that help to educate users on the best practices of reference checking.
  4. User reviews: Unbiased, independent reviews on G2, Capterra and Google validate user satisfaction and the ability of the Xref tool to solve a client’s hiring needs. Xref excels on each of these platforms with a leading position and high satisfaction ratings. 
  5. Security: When it comes to data protection, Xref takes the highest security measures to ensure that the candidates’ and referees’ data is safe from unauthorised access. 
  6. Ease and simplicity: Xref is easy to set up and simple to use for recruiters, candidates and referees. 
  7. Customer support: The Xref customer support team offer support, training, guidance and best-practice tips to help recruiters with their reference checks.

How is everyone kept updated on the progress of a reference?

One of the main benefits of automated reference checking vs traditional methods is the convenience and transparency it offers.

  • Candidates - rather than being left in the dark, candidates are notified when the reference is started and completed, alleviating any stress or anxiety.
  • References - the online nature of Xref allows references to provide feedback at a time that suits them - whether it’s during a break between other tasks, on their phone or tablet during their commute, or outside business hours.
  • Employers - using the dashboard on their Xref account, employers can keep track of the progress of all references. They too are informed if a reference has not yet been completed, and can liaise with candidates to resolve the issue quickly.

Can I try Xref for free?

Yes, we’d love you to give Xref a go. Sign up for a free Xref Lite account and you’ll be able to reference your first candidate with a complimentary credit from us. Click here to get started. 

Additional Questions

What roles can Xref be used for?

Xref's digital referencing solution is great for all roles, from blue-collar staff to executive hires across industries and sectors. 

Does Xref cater to companies of different sizes?

Yes, businesses of all sizes can use Xref’s digital referencing tool.

What industry or type of hiring is Xref best for?

All industries and sectors can use Xref’s digital referencing tool. From NFPs and charitable organisations; to retailers who can do their due diligence on high-volume seasonal hires; and large enterprises who require very specific questions to be asked of their executive-level hires.

Can Xref help you identify a bad hire?

At the pre-employment stage, Xref can help identify a bad hire in two ways: 

  1. Referee feedback: Feedback gathered from reference checks provides valuable information on a candidate’s suitability for a role. When a poor decision is made, it doesn’t just knock the morale of the team and hiring manager; it can also directly impact the organisation’s bottom line. Referee feedback can add confidence to your hiring decision or help you see if the candidate is not suited for the role or company. 
  2. Xref’s unusual activity feature: Xref’s unusual activity feature is designed to detect suspicious activity and raise a red flag when a candidate is trying to cheat the reference checking process. There may be an entirely plausible explanation for the flag, but it could be a warning sign for recruiters to recognise a bad hire and rethink their hiring decision.

Can Xref detect fraud or unusual activity? 

Yes, by using a unique algorithm, Xref can monitor a number of different data points during the referencing process. If anything suspicious is detected, the system will raise a flag that some unusual activity has occurred. Reasons for a flag include matching IP addresses for the candidate and their referee, matching operating systems or identical internet browsers, among others. 

Is Xref the same as outsourcing reference checks?

Unlike outsourced reference checking providers, Xref does not take the manual phone-based approach. Xref provides an automated online referencing platform for employers to request, collect and securely store written reference checks.

How long does it take to implement Xref?

You can set up the Xref reference checking system in one business day. The simplicity of the Xref platform also makes it quick and easy to bring new team members up to speed, ensuring you never have a lag in the process due to training requirements.

How can I compare references from competing candidates?‍

Candidate comparison can be subjective, and it’s essential to be aware of bias. A good way to approach this is to keep job reference questions as similar as possible between candidates applying for the same role so you can make like-for-like comparisons. By using the tech features Xref offers, recruiters can maintain a standard of consistency when comparing candidates. The Xref reference checking questionnaire ensures that the same questions are used for every candidate applying for a given role. Xref has additional insights tools that provide a detailed analysis for each candidate to ensure fair, accurate and reliable comparisons.

Does Xref provide insights or benchmarks for candidates?

Yes, recruiters can compare candidates with the Xref candidate benchmarking feature. 

Can we compare how candidates measure up against one another?

You can compare candidates with the Xref candidate benchmarking feature. The Xref core competency tracking is a visual representation of how candidates measure up against one another in relation to the competencies required to perform in the role and fit in well with the business. This feature enables benchmarking at-a-glance and allows employers to make an initial assessment before diving into the full reference responses. 

Can I download and share reports?

Yes, you can. With Xref’s report sharing and tracking feature, you can quickly and securely send a reference report to a colleague from within the Xref platform. As soon as you enter your colleague’s details and hit send, they will receive an email linking to the full report. As soon as the email is opened, you will receive an alert letting you know it has been viewed. 

Is Xref integrated into ATS or other applications?

Yes, it is. Xref is integrated with more than 30 of the world's leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and multiple regional background checking providers. Users can choose from more than 200 global checks, including police records and working with children checks.

What do users like referees and candidates say about Xref?

More than 530 candidates and referees have shared their feedback on Google, leading Xref to earn a stellar 4.7-star rating on the review platform. Reviews shared about Xref on the Google platform indicate how happy referees and candidates are with our platform. 

Can I read case studies about Xref?

Yes, we have customer success stories from a wide range of sectors; you can read about them here

What is the opinion of other customers about Xref?

Xref has been named a leader in the reference checking category on crowd-review platforms like G2 for many consecutive quarters. So far, Xref has received hundreds of G2 reviews, which are unbiased and verified opinions of customers who have used Xref. 

How compliant is Xref?

Xref is ISO 27001 certified and built using the highest standard of security and quality management practices. Xref offers the assurance of a fully GDPR compliant online checking platform.

How important is privacy and security for Xref?

Xref is a security focussed platform. As a continuous effort to be up to date with security measures, Xref’s platform includes:

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA): an extended verification common in enterprise workplaces. 
  • Extended user management: With multiple users accessing one account, the platform needs to ensure that only those who are current and appropriate have access. 
  • Advanced password and security policy alignment: Xref ensures that the security of their account aligns with these requirements by enabling organisations to customise their access requirements. 
  • Data sharing and tracking: Xref has introduced ways to enable sharing of reference reports by creating rules that allow reports to be sent only to those defined as appropriate by account administrators. 
  • Location-based access restrictions: With Xref, geographic-based restrictions are possible by allowing the introduction of IP and location-based access policies to accounts.
  • Regionalised data storage: With the introduction of the GDPR, many European organisations require all data storage and handling to be conducted in Europe. Xref has regional data centres to host European data locally.
  • Extended security log function: Xref allows account administrations to monitor every action users take on their Xref account. The platform function creates an audit trail of all account activity and usage. It ensures organisations have a clear view of handling and managing any data that is securely stored on their Xref account.

Is Xref GDPR compliant?

Yes, Xref offers the assurance of a fully GDPR compliant online checking platform. Xref meets the global compliance and regulations requirements of GDPR, Australian Privacy Act & Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act in Canada. 

What is the average turnaround time for Xref’s reference checks?

Digital referencing on the Xref platform typically takes 24-36 hours.

What is the level of customer service that Xref offers?

Xref offers round the clock global support for its customers.

Does Xref offer global support?

Yes, Xref offers global support

Does Xref offer 24/7 support?

Yes, Xref offers 24/7 support

Do you have any recommendations for selecting reference checking software?

Here are some of the things a reliable reference checking system should be able to do for you: 

  1. Minimise the risks of hiring the wrong candidate: If you hire the wrong candidate, you risk having to rehire for the role soon thereafter. Accurately checking a candidate’s background can help you make confident hiring decisions.
  2. Create a fair and standardised recruitment process: Meeting all regulatory requirements ensures that every candidate is assessed fairly. When the reference checking process follows best practices, it creates a system for fair hiring. 
  3. Create efficient workplaces in the long term: Reference checking helps you validate candidates and build efficient teams and workplaces. 
  4. Help hire for crucial positions in the trust sector: Some sectors require more attention than others, including health and aged care providers, which are complex in their requirements as they cater to vulnerable communities. Having robust recruitment processes in place to ensure candidates are who they say they are and have the experience they claim to have is critical to establishing the right level of care and protection for the clients and patients of these organisations. 

Can I get a demo?

Yes, you can leave your details here, and we’ll be happy to give you a free demo.

Can I get pricing?

Yes, you can leave your details here, and we’ll be happy to reach and discuss our pricing.

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