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General FAQs About Xref



General FAQs About Xref

Got a burning question about Xref or online reference checking in general? Check out some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients.

How does Xref work?‍

Step 1: The candidate shares details of their referees. 

Step 2: The candidate’s referees receive an email linking to your questionnaire, on the Xref platform. 

Step 3: Referees submit the required information and you are alerted once a reference has been completed. 

You will also be able to track the progress of the reference check throughout the process, with real-time updates in the Xref platform.

What industry or type of hiring is Xref best for?

We provide a service that can be utilised by every industry and every hiring requirement. From NFPs and charitable organisations that benefit from the hiring audit trail Xref offers; to retailers who can do their due diligence on high-volume seasonal hires quickly and with confidence; and large enterprises who require very specific questions to be asked of their executive-level hires.

What is the difference between using Xref and outsourcing reference checks?

Unlike outsourced reference checking providers, we don’t simply take the phone-based approach and call referees for you. We provide the software that allows employers to request, collect and securely store written reference checks online.

Why should I use Xref instead of a cheaper reference checking software? 

Robust reference checking requires reliable software. There are many benefits to using the Xref reference checking tool; we’ve listed the most significant ones below:

  1. ISO certified: Xref is ISO 27001 certified, offering globally compliant data collection and storage, an assurance not offered by all reference checking software. 
  2. Integrates with ATS: Xref integrates with some of the world’s leading HR and ATS platforms and delivers tailored data insights. 
  3. Software legacy: Xref has more than a decade of automated reference checking experience. This arms our team with a wealth of insights that help to educate users on the best practices of reference checking.
  4. User reviews: Unbiased, independent reviews on G2, Capterra and Google validate user satisfaction and the ability of the Xref tool to solve a client’s hiring needs. Xref excels on each of these platforms with a leading position and high satisfaction ratings. 
  5. Security: When it comes to data protection, Xref takes the highest security measures to ensure that the candidates’ and referees’ data is safe from unauthorised access. 
  6. Ease and simplicity: Xref is easy to set up and simple to use for recruiters, candidates and referees. 
  7. Customer support: The Xref customer support team offer support, training, guidance and best-practice tips to help recruiters with their reference checks.

How is everyone kept updated on the progress of a reference?

One of the main benefits of automated reference checking vs traditional methods is the convenience and transparency it offers.

  • Candidates - rather than being left in the dark, candidates are notified when the reference is started and completed, alleviating any stress or anxiety.
  • References - the online nature of Xref allows references to provide feedback at a time that suits them - whether it’s during a break between other tasks, on their phone or tablet during their commute, or outside business hours.
  • Employers - using the dashboard on their Xref account, employers can keep track of the progress of all references. They too are informed if a reference has not yet been completed, and can liaise with candidates to resolve the issue quickly.

Can I try Xref for free?

Yes, we’d love you to give Xref a go. Sign up for a free Xref Lite account and you’ll be able to reference your first candidate with a complimentary credit from us. Click here to get started. 

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