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FAQs About the Xref Reference Checking Questionnaire

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Setting Up an Xref Template

How do I set up a new reference template?‍

You can upload a new questionnaire by logging into Xref and going to the ‘Questionnaires’ page. From here, you can access the Xref Template Builder tool and create templates that are tailored to the role you are hiring for. Once created, you can send your new template to your Xref account and it will be added to your ‘Questionnaires’ page. 

How do I exchange an existing reference template?‍

If you want to make any changes to a questionnaire (template) that is already set up, simply navigate to the ‘Questionnaires’ tab and click on ‘New Questionnaires’. Here you can upload a document that details the name of the questionnaire and the questions you would like to edit, remove or add.

There is no limit to how many questionnaires you can have on your account. For best practice tips or advice on questionnaires, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Can I test Xref’s recommended questionnaire structure for free? 

Yes, you can try the Xref reference checking template also known as Template Builder for free. Click here.

Building a Reference Checking Questionnaire  

Should I customise reference questions for each specific role?‍

A job reference should never be a tick-box exercise. To get the best result, you should ask questions specific to the job role.  Every role requires different core competencies, technical expertise, and soft skills; a reference check allows you to validate your decision before hiring a candidate. However, you might like to create a standard employment reference check template for the roles you’re commonly hiring for, to ensure consistency with every new hire. ‍

Can I customise my reference checking questionnaire using Xref?

Yes, you can create as many questionnaires as you require, and include questions specific to the role that you’re hiring for. 

What reference check questions should I ask?

  1. Your first question should aim to define the relationship between the candidate and the reference and their employment details (such as job title, dates of employment, responsibilities etc.).
  2. Next, ask the reference to assess the candidate’s past performance and identify their relevant core competencies.
  3. Then, enquire about any areas the reference believes require improvement, why the candidate left the business, and whether they would re-employ them.
  4. Finally, end with an open question that encourages the reference to share any additional information they feel is essential. 

This detailed blog post provides more information about what type of questions your references should include.

Can I transfer my current reference checking templates into Xref?

You can add the questions from your current reference checking template to build your questionnaire. Our customer support team will work with you to ensure that your reference checking questions are optimised before uploading them to the questionnaire.  

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