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FAQs About Setting Up an Xref Account

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Setting Up an Xref Account

How do I create a new user?‍

Account administrators can set up new users and deactivate anyone who is no longer using the account. Once logged in, the account admin will need to click on the Settings/gear icon in the top right-hand corner and select 'Manage Users' followed by 'Create New User' . Then simply follow the prompts to submit the new user’s details. If you would like to find out who has administrative access within your account, please contact your Customer Success Manager.‍

How can I delete the email address that I have entered for my candidate?‍

If the candidate has not received an email due to an incorrect email address being entered, please delete the previous request for references and create a new Xref with the correct/updated email address. You can do this when you log into the Xref platform and will receive an automatic reimbursement for the credit used upon deleting the initial Xref request.

Why has my candidate not received an email from Xref?‍

Ensure that your candidate has checked their spam/junk folders for any correspondence from us. If nothing is discovered, please ensure that you have used a valid email address for their request. If the email address is valid, please contact our support team, and we will look into the matter for you.

How does the unusual activity feature work?

Xref will raise an alert when it detects potentially suspicious activity during a reference check. You can see details of this alert in your report and decide how to proceed, leaving notes to ensure that your team members are aware of your latest action.

Is it possible to have different access rights set up for users and teams?

Yes, it is possible to have different access rights for different users. Additionally, certain access can be set up to be location-specific too.

Can I change the branding on the email going out to referees?

Yes, you can change your logo and business name on the email going out to candidates.

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