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FAQs on Managing Xref Requests

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Managing Xref Requests

How do I cancel or delete a reference?‍

If an Xref is ‘Pending’, you have the option to delete or cancel the request.

You can only 'Delete' an Xref (and have the credit returned to your account) if the candidate has not already entered the details of their reference provider. If they have entered their details, the only option will be to ‘Cancel’ the request. This will ensure no more automated reminder emails are sent out.

Once a request has been cancelled, it will move to the ‘Archived’ section.‍

Can I replace the candidate’s reference provider?‍

For data security reasons, only candidates can replace their unresponsive or declined reference provider. They can do this by following any of the login links Xref has emailed to them.

Once they have provided details, the new reference will immediately receive an email from Xref. You can track all of these changes in the Lifecycle section. To see the Lifecycle, simply click on the candidate’s name on the ‘Xref Requests’ page.

‍How can I track the progress of a reference?‍

All Xref's have a Lifecycle that logs all activity associated with a reference request. This includes updates on your own activity, as well as that of the candidate and reference provider. It also tracks and records all automated reminder emails that are sent.

To see the Lifecycle, simply click on the candidate’s name on the ‘Xref Requests’ page. You can view all status icon definitions from the ‘Xref Requests’ page by hovering over the 'References’ information icon.‍

Can a candidate add additional references to a request that has already been completed?‍

Yes, please let Customer Success know, and we can unlock the request for you so that the candidate can add another reference.

‍What does unobtainable mean?‍

'Unobtainable' means that all reminder emails have been sent to the reference, but they have not completed the check. The candidate is encouraged to either follow up submit details of an alternative provider.

Even when an Xref is ‘Unobtainable’, the login link that was sent to the reference provider will remain active and, if they choose to, they can complete the reference as normal.

You can view all status definitions from the ‘Xref Requests’ page by hovering over the 'References’ information icon.

‍Do candidates and references receive reminder emails?‍

Automated reminder emails are sent to both candidates and reference providers.

Once your request is made, the candidate is immediately emailed and asked to provide details of their previous employers via Xref. If candidates do not action this initial request, they will receive reminder emails after 24, 36 and 48 hours.

As the employer, you will receive notifications alongside these emails so that you are aware of any delays in the process.

It is essential to prepare your candidates and bring them up to speed with the Xref process before making a request, so they can immediately action the email and ensure references are returned quickly.

‍I can’t find a candidate in the system; what should I do?‍

Please ensure you adjust the date parameters accordingly and check if the request is in the 'Archived' section. If you are still unable to find the candidate, please contact Customer Success.‍

What information is provided in the reference analysis?‍

From the reference analysis, you can get to know the employment duration of your candidate, verified by the referee. The analysis also gives a turnaround time and word count which is a great indication of how engaged the referee is. Usually, a more positive reference by a referee with lots of experience working with the candidate will have a higher word count.

You’ll also get insights on the candidate through the sentiment analysis engine and core competency graph. The sentiment analysis picks up on the positive and negative language used by the referee to indicate the candidate’s performance and whether the referee recommends the candidate for this position. The core competency graph is a visual representation of how your candidate measures up against other candidates. It also tells you how well they match with the core competencies required for the role, or even your business’ values.

Can I create different questionnaires for different roles? 

Yes, you can create as many questionnaires as you like, ensuring that you can tailor your reference checks to suit every role you are hiring for.

What happens if a reference declines the invitation? ‍

Preferably your candidate should contact their references in advance. If a reference declines, you could send out a new reference to a new provider. Xref has a lifecycle feature where you can monitor every activity on a reference request.

Can I track the progress of a reference request?‍

Yes, you can. Xref has a lifecycle feature where you can monitor every activity on a reference request. This includes your activity, the candidate’s activity, the reference provider’s activity and when any automated reminder emails have been sent out. 

Can I fill in the referee information on behalf of the candidate?

For security reasons, our software doesn’t allow that. This will ensure the accuracy of the reference and prevent you from missing any potential cases of unusual activity. Our support page includes a detailed help section for candidates, with an option for them to contact our customer support team if required. 

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