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What Google Reviews from Candidates and Referees Reveal About Xref

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While it’s easy for organisations and marketing teams to share the benefits of their product or service, there is no better way for a brand to gain trust and credibility than user-generated reviews and testimonials. Reviews are an honest endorsement and, for Xref, they come from recruiters, candidates and referees across all industries. This blog explores what candidates and referees who have used the Xref platform have to say about us on Google and why the feedback is crucial for us.

What are Google reviews?

Google reviews are the star ratings (out of 5) and comments that show up publicly on Google local search. They are good indicators of what a business is getting right (or wrong) and what customers expect. And it’s so important to ensure that you are aware of exactly what is being said in these comments as online reviews are continually growing in importance. Research shows that most of today’s 18-34 year olds trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from family and friends.

What makes a high Google rating?

To achieve high Google ratings, it's not enough to simply have multiple 5-star reviews. There is, in fact, a complex algorithm that works in the background to determine the overall rating for a business. These calculations make sure the score best reflects the quality of the business or place. The ultimate review score includes: 

  • High star reviews (5 stars)
  • A high volume of total reviews
  • Consistent reviews trickling in, rather than bulk bombardments

Xref has earned a 4.7 star rating through its user reviews on Google.

Xref Google Reviews

Why does the opinion of candidates and referees matter to us?

The importance and value of online reviews go beyond building an online reputation. 

Reviews contain honest feedback that helps us understand what our users like and dislike about our platform. And the positive reviews mean as much to us as negative ones; we pay attention to what’s included in them for potential areas of improvement. We’ve had many recruiters share their honest user experience about Xref, on software review sites like G2 and Capterra. As a leading software in the reference checking space, we want to ensure that we're providing a service that is convenient, simple and insightful for everyone involved in the process and that includes candidates and referees. 

Google reviews are unbiased and tell us exactly what candidates and referees feel about using the Xref platform. We can point happy clients to the likes of G2 to leave us a review but referees and candidates who leave a review on Google are doing so because they want to share their experience. 

With ten years in the reference checking industry (and more than 530 reviews filled with feedback) here’s what we believe makes a great reference checking experience for candidates: 

  • User friendly: A quick and easy process that is simple to understand and follow.
  • Unbiased: A consistent approach that gives every candidate a fair opportunity for the role.
  • Transparency: A transparent process that keeps the candidate updated on the progress of their reference checks.
  • Compliant: A fully compliant method that keeps candidate information safe.

And it’s vital for referees to feel the same about the reference checking process. Here’s what we believe makes a great reference checking experience for referees: 

  • Time-efficient: Busy referees don’t always have time for a call; online reference checking allows them to respond at a time that is convenient for them.
  • Mobile-friendly: A tool that gives the referee the flexibility to complete a reference check on a device that best suits them. 
  • Optional: In some cases, due to personal reasons or an organisation’s ‘no reference policy’, the referee may not be able to give a reference check and should have the option to decline politely. 
  • Non-discriminatory: An experience that avoids discriminatory questions such as, "We work in a busy and fast-paced environment, will she be able to handle the workload here? Is she willing to work on the weekend to stay on top of things, or does she have kids that would prevent her from being able to?" 
  • Flexible: A questionnaire designed to allow the referee the flexibility to share their view about the candidate in detail rather than providing just ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers.

Why are good reviews from referees and candidates important to our users?

Reference checking is a crucial part of the recruitment process and, like other elements of the pre-hire stage, it makes an impact on the candidate’s experience. Technology that is simple and convenient for candidates and referees speaks volumes about the business using it. Take, for instance, an applicant keen on knowing more about the prospective company. They may look up the technology that the business uses during the pre-hire stage, such as the Xref reference checking link shared with them. Positive reviews shared about Xref on the Google platform will reflect well on the prospective employer using the software. 

What do our reviewers have to say about Xref?

More than 530 candidates and referees have shared their feedback on Google, and here is what some of them have to say: 

1. The Xref automated reference-checking platform is convenient

Amazingly convenient. I filled a relatively complex reference sheet, and it was so convenient, helped me fill it in different time slots, and never missed any content. Laahiru Jayamanne 

Easy to leave a reference. Even on my mobile between other jobs. I would use this system again. Sarah Plant
Google review by Dayana Jalal Mastor

2. Digital referencing is simple and easy

I gave a reference for one of my former employees, and I found the questionnaire to be user-friendly, comprehensive and effective. I would be happy to use this service if I needed it, depending on costs, of course. Tony Inman

Impressed with this employer reference tool; easy to use. Comprehensive questions. Kitty Grimes
Google review by Damen Wells

3. It helps provide valuable information about the candidate

I found the questions asked provided adequate scope to capture all of the important characteristics and outcomes achieved for the person I was asked to provide a reference. Joanne Copp

Great referencing tool with relevant questions provided to discover qualities and attributes about potential employee candidates. Melanie Lamb

I used this to provide reference to one of my team member. There were very elaborate questions on referencing. I guess this is highly customisable by the company. All in all its very user friendly. Bhargava Kadari
Google review by Linley Lott

4. Works excellent for first-time users and time-crunched referees 

This is a very easy way to leave a reference. Love it! Great for 'time challenged' people! Xander Five

Wow - online referencing made super easy!!!! I have just completed a reference for a previous employee and was blown away at how easy it was to complete. 17 questions took no more than 5-10 minutes. Awesome! Amber McEwin

The easiest experience I've ever had completing any kind of reference for anyone. Completed the reference in about 3 minutes. Wonderful process. Very modern approach. Ofir Vaisman
Google review by Alex Watson

Ensuring that the reference checking process for applicants and referees is seamless and convenient is critical for our users, in terms of both process efficiency and their employer brand. If you’d like to read more about what businesses have to say about us, head over to the G2 page on our website or have a read through our customer success stories

If you’ve used the Xref platform as a candidate or referee and would like to leave us a review, we’d love to hear your feedback. Feel free to jump on Google and leave your thoughts. 

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