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Checking References Online: Xref Offers Great Advantages

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Automated, online reference checking provides a faster, safer way of collecting valuable insights, helping hiring managers make quick and confident decisions.

But how does automated reference checking work?

Xref Online Reference Checking Explained

Watch this short video to find out - the Xref way!

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The 3 steps to check references

With Xref, we check references in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 - Requesting a reference

The employer enters the details of their candidate or multiple candidates and selects the reference template.

Step 2 - Completing the reference

The candidate receives a request to add the details of their reference providers. Once submitted, the reference provider receives an email inviting them to complete the reference check.

Step 3 - Receiving the reference report

Once the reference is completed, the employer receives a notification. Xref sends a secure analysis of the feedback, including how the candidate performed against other individuals referenced.

3 steps to an Xref reference

What are the benefits of checking references with Xref?

Our Xref users report multiple benefits, this is a summary of what companies using online reference checking find:

It's fast

Having access to this cloud-based solution will allow you to cut the time taken to reference. Our automated service reduces the time on phone calls. Our software frees time previously used in admin tasks.

With Xref’s software, reference checks are completed in a fraction of the time. The Xref platform can integrate with other recruitment software to save even more time in the hiring process.

“Xref is time-saving, efficient and very professional. I would never want to go back to doing references in the old way.” - Diella Gabelich, Director Auckland, Blue Sky Recruitment

It keeps candidates updated

Transparency during the reference checking period has a positive impact on the candidate experience. 

The Xref platform shows complete transparency throughout the process. Xref provides status updates at each stage to give both the employer and the candidate the knowledge of the next steps.

Xref also provides a sentiment analysis rating for the reference check. The sentiment analysis uses positive and negative language within their questionnaire responses. This data is beneficial for hiring managers to make the right hiring decisions.

“Xref has made the reference checking process so quick and easy for our candidates and for their referees.” - Katharine Davidson, Talent Acquisition Leader at Lion

It's convenient

Xref’s platform is user-friendly. References can provide their responses at any time and on any device. 

Using software for checking references is convenient when checking references on different time zones. 

Easy reporting creates an efficient method of gathering the information into a document for review.

“The fact that Xref is so fast and simple to use for everybody involved really takes the stress and pressure out of the final stage of the process.” - Chantal Court, National Recruitment, The Interiors Group

It's secure and compliant

We take data security very seriously and have many measures in place to make sure that your information is safe. Xref is ISO27001 certified, SSL Secure and GDPR Compliant. 

We also have two authentication factors to make sure that your account is safe. We frequently test our security to make sure that we are providing the safest platform available. 

Our fraud-detection system also checks multiple data points for any potentially suspicious activity. Xref’s algorithm can detect when the reference’s IP address is the same as the candidate’s. Access to this information helps prevent wrong hires.

"This level of security raised the number of fraudulent activity cases. These cases may not have been detected through the traditional reference checking process." - Michael Hill

What are the additional benefits of automating references

Build Questionnaires in Seconds

Human resources managers and recruiters rely on standard reference templates. 

With Template Builder, you can create a best-practice questionnaire. Build a tailored template in minutes, and it’s entirely free to use.

Our template questionnaires can be used for every hire, at every level and country. You get the picture!

Consistency is essential to check references for the same role.

Create your own reference template

Insights and Sentiment Analysis

Xref report illustration
Key insights help you with the right decisions

Key insights help you with the right decisions. It is good to understand:

  • The time it takes to complete a reference
  • Word Count for answers provided

This information helps future employers to gain a better perspective of the reference provider’s opinions on the candidate.

Xref has also introduced the Sentiment Analysis engine. This feature gives employers an increased sense of a candidate’s professional performance and suitability for a role.

The engine leverages an algorithm that examines reference responses, and rates feedback positive, negative or neutral. The algorithm offers a new method of data analysis that interprets the referee’s ‘tone of voice’ for the employer. This feature reduces the chance that a reference is misinterpreted and provides a new indicator to detect the possibility of fraud. 

This report allows your recruitment team to make decisions to make and select the highest quality of candidates.

ATS Integration

Xref has broadened its capabilities through partnerships and integrations with various application tracking systems to help create a better recruitment experience.

We have integrated with systems such as:

  • LinkedIn Talent Hub
  • Expr3ss!
  • Jobadder
  • Oracle Taleo
  • PageUp
“Partnering with Xref helps to further streamline the candidate hiring experience. We will continue to work closely to ensure our customers can source, manage, and hire candidates all in one place.” - Katherine Tsay, Business Development at LinkedIn.

You can find the full list of our integrated partner software here.

Detect Frauds

Candidate fraud happens more often than you think. There are several examples in the media of senior-level candidates who have provided fake references.

Xref monitors for any unusual activity during reference checking. Over one 12 month period, our algorithms detected more than 7,000 cases of potential fraud. 

Our Recruitment Risk Index research found that 71% of job seekers admit to exploiting flaws in the traditional reference checking process. 42% admit to deliberately lying to a potential employer.

"Since implementing Xref we have had four potential fraud cases detected, some of which were for senior, GM-level roles, and one applicant was withdrawn from the recruitment process as a result." Solotel

Checking references online simplifies the process, saves time and provides additional benefits to the hiring process. Find out how Xref can help your hiring process. You can book a free demo!

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