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Transparency: Key to The Ultimate Candidate Experience



The way you approach recruitment processes, such as reference checking, can have a real impact on candidate experience and the first impression a potential employee has of your organisation.

Job searching is a tense and busy task causing stress levels to run high, and often the recruitment process will contribute to this. It’s critical to recognise the importance of candidate experience in finding and retaining the best people.

Our latest Recruitment Risk Index (RRI) research focused on the impact of poor recruitment processes in the Canadian market, and highlighted the role of transparency in creating a positive recruitment journey.

Delayed reference checks are impacting candidate experience

Our research found that 44 per cent of the job seekers surveyed admitted that delays in reference checking alone has caused them anxiety and almost all job seeking respondents (91 per cent) want to be kept up to speed in the hiring process. They want a greater sense of control during recruitment and, if for any reason a delay does occur, they want to understand if it is a reflection on their performance.

Our research found that 44 per cent of the job seekers surveyed said that delays in reference checking has caused them anxiety, and almost all respondents (91 per cent) wanted to be kept up to speed throughout the hiring process.

Candidates want a greater sense of control during the recruitment journey and, if for any reason a delay does occur, they want to understand if it is a reflection of their performance.

When it comes to reference checking, phone-based methods can sometimes take weeks, and a lack of transparency will leave candidates in the dark with no way of knowing if their references have progressed.

Canadian organisations are settling for “second best”

But delays and a lack of transparency don’t just create a bad first impression, they leave organisations at real risk of losing out on the best talent.

The Recruitment Risk Index has also shown that 33 per cent of the job-seeking Canadians surveyed reported walking away from job opportunities due to delays in recruitment. This means organisations across Canada are having to settle for “second best” thus impacting not only the short-term success of individual businesses but also the long-term growth of a strong and stable economy,

Transparency through communication is key

In today’s globally competitive hiring environment, HR professionals need to do everything in their power to appeal to the best talent. This is particularly true in the Canadian market, where a significant skills shortage means competition for the best candidates is high. You can guarantee that if you don’t put the candidate first in the recruitment process, one of your competitors will.

In a recent webinar on candidate experience we discussed the importance of communication at five key touch points during the recruitment process:

1. Application

After a candidate applies for a role, the last thing they want is to be left in the dark about the status of their application. A well-crafted, automated response is a great way to begin your communication with candidates.

2. Pre-interview

Those shortlisted to progress will be eagerly awaiting their allocated interview slot. Make sure the communication confirming these details comes quickly, represents your brand, and provides an idea of what to expect on the day

3. Interview

Personalise the interview as much as possible. This makes candidates feel invested in, understood and a part of the team from the first time you meet.

4. Post-interview

The recruitment process is a two-way street. After interviews have been conducted, thank each candidate for coming in, outline who their best point of contact is moving forward, and set realistic timeframes for feedback.

5. Decision time

You must take the time to offer as much constructive feedback about the interview as possible and, where appropriate, ensure they consider future opportunities with your organisation.

To better understand the risks posed by poor recruitment processes, get your free copy of the full Recruitment Risk Index report here. And, to learn more about the importance of transparency during recruitment, listen to our webinar on creating the ultimate candidate experience.

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