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The ability to seamlessly integrate and complement HR functions is what makes technology a ‘must-have’. Busy HR teams don’t have time to switch between applications, a pain point that we’re familiar with. Xref has integrated its online reference checking software with the world's leading HR platforms and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to create a smooth HR workflow. A seamless system can help you switch from manual to automated solutions resulting in better productivity. 

An automated online reference checking solution which seamlessly flows into the rest of your HR functions has multiple benefits:

  1. Saves time; improves productivity: The primary benefit is that it removes manual intervention to a large degree and frees up your time; now you can focus on more people-related tasks. 
  2. Removes data silos: The HR landscape is tricky with multiple applications covering different aspects of recruiting due to which data tends to exist in silos. A smooth HR workflow will stitch your data together, reduce duplication of records, and allow ease of sharing talent data within HR teams.
  3. Creates a seamless workflow: You can manage different HR processes from a preferred platform. A seamless system allows better collaboration and improves the efficiency of operation.
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As you’d always want to go for the best in class solution for your HR functions, we work tirelessly on our technology to make it compliant and closely aligned to best practices in the marketplace. We understand how a seamless workflow can be an essential ingredient for your HR team to function better. Here’s a list of our integration partners and how we  assimilate with each of them to give a better HR solution: 

  1. Avature: Xref has partnered with Applicant Tracking System, Avature so you can request online, automated reference checks from directly within the Avature platform. 

  1. Bullhorn: Xref and Bullhorn seamlessly integrate to offer a complete customer relationship and operations management suite for talent acquisition professionals. Through the comprehensive, yet simple, integration between Bullhorn and Xref, you can request and review reference checks in three simple steps:

         - Request an Xref reference

          - Complete details and send

          - Review your reference

  1. CVCheck: Xref's integration with CVCheck offers an all-in-one employment background screening and verification service that can be tailored to perfectly suit your business needs. You can request multiple checks via the Xref platform, including; police check, traffic and licence checks, employment & qualification, credit, financial & business checks, predictive psychometric assessments, and international checks.

  1. Checkr: Xref's partnership with Checkr answers the demand from hiring teams in North America for a holistic solution to pre-employment screening. Xref users can activate Checkr services from within the Xref platform, including credit, criminal, driver, and identity checks.

  1. Expr3ss!: With Xref seamlessly integrated into the Expr3ss! platform, you can: 

          - Pinpoint applicants – with the right skills and attitudes in minutes

          - Shortlist applicants – using the Expr3ss! algorithm against integrated job benchmarks

          - Identify applicant final “fit” – for role, team and business with integrated videos.

          - Get third-party feedback – request reference checks and receive in real-time comprehensive reference data including sentiment analysis and a core competency graph to help benchmark their candidates.

  1. Greenhouse: Xref is fully embedded into the Greenhouse workflow so you can request, track, and review automated reference checks directly from the Greenhouse platform.

  1. iCIMS: The Xref and iCIMS integration a single, cloud-based platform to manage end-to-end hiring processes. It is simple to use and allows you to request an online, fully automated reference check while enjoying iCIMS’ full suite of talent acquisition features. 

  1. JobAdder: Xref is fully embedded within JobAdder so you can request reference checks directly from the platform without having to pick up the phone.

  1. Kallidus Recruit: This integration allows you to be able to request a reference with a single click and candidates progress automatically through the referencing workflow within Kallidus Recruit. All critical status updates from Xref are visible immediately to users, and the final Xref report is simply merged into a candidate’s record once received.

  1. LinkedIn Talent Hub: With this integration, you can access the Xref automated reference checking solution from the ATS. It allows you to source, manage, and hire from one integrated platform.

  1. Lever: Lever provides a talent acquisition suite for more than 1,500 companies in 40 countries. Xref's integration with Lever allows you to request automated, employment reference checks directly from Lever. 

  1. LiveHire: Xref is fully embedded within LiveHire so you can easily request comprehensive, automated reference checks with a few simple clicks.

  1. Oracle Taleo: With the Xref/Oracle Taleo integration, you can conduct a full range of recruitment activities in one place with the ability to request, track, and review online reference checks.

  1. Oracle Recruitment Cloud: Xref's integration with Oracle Recruitment Cloud lets you seamlessly request automated reference checks directly from the job requisition workflow.

  1. PageUp: This integration gives PageUp clients access to automated reference checks through the existing dashboard, and receive status updates without needing to leave the PageUp platform.

  1. RapidID: Xref’s integration with RapidID gives the users the ability to verify the authenticity of global ID documents and then match them to the holder's biometric data, in real-time, directly from your Xref account.

  1. SmartRecruiters: Xref's integration with SmartRecruiters gives users the ability to request online reference checks directly from SmartRecruiters. 

  1. SnapHire: Xref's integration with SnapHire allows you to request online reference checks directly from the SnapHire platform. The integration, made possible via the Talent App Store, gives you the ability to move seamlessly to request, track, and review reference checks with ease.

  1. Springboard: You can now request an online reference check for one or more candidates directly from your Springboard ATS which means no more moving between online tools or re-keying information. 

  1. Screening Canada: Xref's integration with ScreeningCanada by ModoHR lets you request compliant background checks from within your Xref account. The application caters to the Canadian businesses; all data is stored in Canada and is 100% compliant with all Federal and Provincial Privacy and Human Rights legislation.

  1. Talent App Store: Xref has partnered with the app integration marketplace Talent App Store by SnapHire. You can now access Xref for automated reference checking and other niche pre-integrated apps that each do one job exceptionally well. The Talent App Store platform solves a significant HR technology challenge facing employers today - accessing new technologies and integrating them into their talent management systems.

  1. uCheck: Xref's integration with uCheck lets you request online vetting and screening solutions that can help you increase the efficiency of your screening processes while also keeping costs low.

  1. Workday: Through this integration, Xref offers you access to automated reference checking to fulfil your candidate screening requirements.

  1. Zapier: The Zapier agreement allows Xref to sit alongside the applications organisations use daily. The structure of the Zapier platform offers integration capabilities for API-based apps, without the need of a dedicated programmer or third-party app developer. The integration enables users to move seamlessly between the apps that work for them.

Xref’s integrated platform enables accuracy, greater automation, eliminates manual work and ensures HR consistency. The result is that you can provide more value to your organisation and its people strategy. With 24 of the world’s leading HR platforms and integration partners in our ecosystem, we ensure that you have the best of breed technology to suit your HR functions. Our integration ability opens a vast marketplace of HR solutions to suit your hiring needs across North America, Europe, and Australia. If you’d like to speak with one of our specialists and book a demo today, click here!

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