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Streamline your recruitment process with Xref & SnapHire.


Xref's integration with SnapHire allows you to request online reference checks directly from the SnapHire platform. The integration, made possible via the Talent App Store, gives you the ability to move seamlessly to request, track and review reference checks with ease.

With the Xref and SnapHire integration, you have a one-stop-shop for all of your recruitment and onboarding tasks, creating hiring efficiencies and a smoother candidate experience.

Powerful Insights

Access detailed written references, stored securely in the cloud.

Multiple Reference Templates

Select tried-and-tested or bespoke reference templates relevant to the role.

Progress Updates

Stay updated on reference progress with status updates.

Quick Setup

Set up Xref within your SnapHire account in as little as 24 hours.

Send Xref in Snaphire integration

Request an Xref

Select Xref in the Assessment Hub of the candidate profile, review the details and hit "Start Assessment".

Monitor the progress

Once your reference request is in progress, click on the icon in the assessment hub to monitor the status.

Monitor progress in Snaphire integration
View report in Snaphire integration

Access you final report

Once complete, click "View Report in Xref" to access the answered reference.


Don’t do the leg work when you don’t have to, let Xref do all the heavy lifting.