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Improve hiring efficiency with Xref & ORC.


Oracle Recruitment Cloud helps you hire and onboard the best talent efficiently by leveraging a data-driven approach with a mobile-first user interface to source and engage candidates, and apply business insights across all of Oracle's HCM solutions.

Xref's integration with Oracle Recruitment Cloud lets you seamlessly request automated reference checks directly from the Job Requisition workflow.

Powerful Insights

Access detailed reference reports, stored securely on the cloud.

Status Updates

Stay updated on the progress of each reference with status updates within the platform.

Multiple Reference Templates

Select tried-and-tested or bespoke reference templates relevant to the role.

Streamlined Workflows

Promote productivity by removing the need to switch between apps.

Select Xref in Oracle Recruitment Cloud integration

Requesting an Xref

In the candidate profile, click "Move" and select the "Phase" and "State" options that will trigger a background check. A warning will appear, asking if you are sure you want to initiate a partner service - click "Yes" and your Xref request will be submitted.

Monitor the progress

In the candidate profile, select "Screening" to view the details and monitor the progress of your Xref request.

Monitor Progress in Oracle Recruitment Cloud integration
View final report Oracle Recruitment Cloud integration

View your final report

When the status of your Xref request changes to "Completed", click "View Results" to open up the Xref reporting service and access your final reference report.


Don’t do the leg work when you don’t have to, let Xref do all the heavy lifting.