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5 Trending HR Topics for January 2021

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It’s a new year, and we hope you’re excited as we are! We’ve gathered some insightful articles with expert advice from HR leaders. There have been some eye-opening lessons for c-level executives recognising the increasingly important role of HR. We also delve into how leaders can help their teams bust the not-so-positive vibes and hit refresh. Happy Reading!

#1 Leadership: HR Leaders! Make the Most of Your New-found Influence

Terms like wellbeing, compassion, emotional health were considered necessary but not critical aspects of an organisation, pre-COVID. As the pandemic kicked off, executives quickly realised the importance of employee well-being as a crucial aspect for an efficient workforce. All eyes have since turned to HR with an increased level of dependency, trust and collaboration. The article ‘Making the most of HR’s new-found influence’ talks about how HR decision-makers have risen to the occasion in the thick of the crisis and the importance of retaining their influence. 

#2 HR Technology: How is Technology Replacing Physical Connection?

While real physical touch is not possible to share through technology; what this pandemic has shown very clearly is that technology has saved business globally by making work from home possible. In some cases, apps and networking sites have proven to be a social lifeline to those experiencing loneliness and isolation in lockdown. Research suggests little difference between conducting therapy sessions face-to-face and online. ‘Can technology fill the gap of physical connection?’ explores how far technology has come and how close it can get to cover a gap when human connection is not possible,

#3 Workforce Planning: Make Remote Working Awesome

Whilst you might want to rush into 2021, it may be worth your while to assess your objectives and commitments. In many work environments, tasks and projects get piled on without any clear sense of priorities or time capacity; maybe it’s time to do some spring cleaning and consider a monthly ‘mindset audit’. Experts suggest that It may also be an appropriate time to question all of your work commitments.  If you’re reassessing your goal setting strategy; a favourite successfully adopted by companies like Google and Netflix is the Objective and Key Results (OKRs) model.

#4 Recruitment: Secret to Recruiting Gen Z?

Understanding a younger generation in the workforce has always presented challenges for HR professionals and managers. Generation Z, the youngest of the set, are highly perceptive, due to their online access and culture. The aspirations of a new wave of employees impact HR strategies and push organisations to redefine the workplace. 

So what exactly are the best ways to attract and retain members of this generation—workers age 23 and younger—at a time when COVID-19 restrictions can play havoc with a company's corporate environment and give potential employees limited insight into what a company is like? Here are 10 Tips for Hiring—and Retaining—Gen Z Employees.

#5 Diversity: Two Barriers to Diversity Hiring

As a recruiter, these are two statements that you’d be familiar with 

Listen, I support diversity, but I gotta get this sales position filled asap — it’s killing me to have this territory uncovered.” 

I appreciate the value of diversity, really, but we’ve had years of success hiring against this profile. We know that people from [brand company, pedigreed school] do better here — they’re predictably good hires, and ramp up quickly.” 

Even with good intentions, many diversity efforts can fail because of the underlying pressure to fill roles. “Diversity Recruiting Efforts Won’t Significantly Improve Until We Address These 2 Barriers” highlights two cultural shifts that could be hindrances to your diversity program. 

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