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5 Trending HR Topics for December 2020

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year as most businesses are winding down to go on vacation mode, but it’s also the time to turn your thoughts towards planning and prepping for 2021. Learn about what HR teams are prioritising while planning for the new year and  ‘asynchronous working’ the new HR buzz word!

#1 Wellbeing: Maintaining Healthy Relationships at Work

Building and maintaining healthy relationships is crucial in a COVID driven world. A relationship is not a one-way street; you should give as much as you take from it. ‘How to develop and maintain healthy relationships’ explores how being a good listener is a key trait in developing meaningful connections. A good listener will acknowledge your turn to speak in the conversation. Some signs of a good listener include eye contact and body language; looking directly at the person’s face who is talking to you, nodding your head when appropriate and maintaining an upright body posture when you’re speaking. 

#2 Remote Working: Asynchronous Working

‘Asynchronous working’ is the new HR buzz phrase. If synchronous working means that all team members are working together at the same time, asynchronous working means that all team members are working at different times. Yes, it goes against the conventional 9-5 but has terrific benefits once set in motion. For instance, you can have team members in different timezones take care of client reviews and feedback, giving a 24/7 global support experience. ‘Global teams that work: How to unite employees all over the world’ rounds up benefits of having worldwide operations.

#3 Workforce Planning: COVID-19 Vaccine

Everyone is curious yet cautious about the vaccine, employers included. One big question for organisations is if they should mandate the flu vaccine. ‘Can workplaces mandate COVID-19 vaccines?’ outlines HR viewpoints to think over as you plan for 2021. There are two essential points to consider, the reason for an employee to object and the nature of work undertaken.  We’re sure this one article you’d been keen on reading.

#4 Gender Diversity: Gender Wage Gap

If your organisation values gender equality, you may be interested to know about the widening gap between male and female workers and what you could do about it. ‘Going backwards: Why action on gender pay equity has slowed’ shares useful resources such as a pay equity calculator to identify your organisation’s gender pay gaps and the comprehensive WGEA Gender equality strategy guide. 

#5 Leadership: HR Strategy 2021

It’s the last few weeks to the end of 2020, and your organisation may be planning on how to recover revenue lost due to the pandemic. Even as the imminent prospect of a vaccine makes a return to the old norm seem possible, enterprises are unlikely to revert to previous processes and practices. From optimising a flexible workforce to grappling with the remuneration riddle, there are many questions most HR teams are asking. The article on ‘Top 5 hurdles facing HR in 2021’ explores five things to consider for the next 12 months. 

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