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5 Trending HR Topics for November 2021

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HR experts from across the industry have weighed in on what they think will be the most important trends in HR in the coming year. Check out our roundup of expert predictions and see if you agree with what our experts have to say!

  1. 10 key talent and leadership trends for 2022 (SHRM)
  2. How to balance business and employee needs? (HCA Mag)
  3. 10 inclusive employee benefits that can help create a more supportive workplace (LinkedIn)
  4. Why millennial managers are burned out (BBC.com)
  5. Need a Performance Improvement Plan? Here's how to write one (Career Cloud)

#1 Leadership: 10 key talent and leadership trends for 2022

Image for 10 Key Talent and Leadership Trends for 2022

The workforce will continue to change dramatically in 2022, with digital transformation and global competition reshaping business as we know it. Ahead of that trend, here are ten trends that will shape your talent strategies in 2022. Employees Expect More: Now more than ever, employees demand access to flexible work arrangements and career paths. They expect to build meaningful relationships with their supervisors and peers, make an impact on their organisation’s success, and take advantage of opportunities for learning and growth. This blog looks at ten key talent and leadership trends for 2022

#2 Future of Work: How to plan for a hybrid work model 

Image for blog on how to balance business and employee needs

Most employee surveys suggest the desire for flexible work options. Surveys and employee feedback also reveal the need for other critical elements for a smooth remote work model.  One of them is the clear set of expectations on when to be online and having standardised. With remote work becoming a possibility, HR is now faced with the challenge to balance out employee work preference and business needs. Another critical element recruiters need to watch is what rival companies are offering candidates to manage retention. This blog on workforce hybrid policy will shed light on various aspects HR needs to evaluate to balance business and employee needs.

#3 Talent acquisition: 10 inclusive employee benefits that can help create a more supportive workplace

Image for 10 inclusive employee benefits that can help create a more supportive workplace

It may feel like a challenge in a job seeker market as you hire the best candidates; this also presents an opportunity. One way your company could get ahead of the game in attracting and retaining talent is to offer inclusive benefits. When the going gets tough, recruiters get creative. But knowing just where to begin when developing an inclusive benefits package can be daunting. What could your business do to attract the best of the best? Let’s look at the top perks companies are offering and what inclusive benefits brands like  Starbucks, Hootsuite, and Airbnb have embraced to boost overall employee satisfaction. 

#4 Workplace culture: Are your millennial employees facing more burnout than others?

Image for Are your millennial employees facing more burnout than others?

Being in the mid-management rung can be a tough job. It requires constant toggling between supervisors above and supervisees below. Simply because of their age – 25 to about 40 – most middle managers are millennials and are likely to feel the squeeze. Millennials have seen the rise of a technology-driven culture where work follows them everywhere and at all times as well as the collapse of boundaries between work and life. This blog explores why millennials, in particular, are finding themselves exhausted, demoralised and stressed.  

#5 Workplace strategy: Need a performance improvement plan? here's how to write one

image for need a performance improvement plan

When you manage employees, you know that performance improvement plans are part of the deal. That's just the way it goes when you have people working for you who aren't performing at their best or who aren't doing exactly what they should be doing in the position you've hired them to do. But when it comes time to write one, so many HR managers find themselves feeling out of their depth. There isn’t one right way to do a performance plan, but all plans should have some key elements. The steps listed in this blog can help you write a performance improvement plan that’s right for your business or team. 

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