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Behind the Scenes with Brydie: A Day as an Account Executive at Xref

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Are you curious about what it's like to work as an Account Executive at Xref? We sat down with Brydie McCamish, who is celebrating her upcoming 2-year anniversary with Xref. 

As an Account Executive specialising in the New Zealand market, Brydie spills the beans on her role, daily routines, collaborations, and the unique aspects that make her journey at Xref both fulfilling and challenging.

Can you describe your role at Xref in a nutshell?

I am coming up to my 2-year anniversary with Xref! My role is largely centred around our wide range of New Zealand customers, ensuring their Xref experience is exceptional. 

From sourcing and onboarding new customers to renewing contracts and keeping our network updated with exciting platform updates, my main focus is to make the implementation and ongoing use of our Xref tools seamless and valuable for our clients.

Describe a typical day at Xref

Each day kicks off by addressing customer queries in my inbox, covering a spectrum from renewals to product inquiries. After prioritising these, I delve into monthly forecasts and proceed to client meetings, whether routine check-ins or first-time explorations of Xref's value.

Salesforce is our go-to for tracking contract renewals and client touchpoints. We use Outreach as our main sales and service tool, facilitating outreach and feedback tracking.

With 3-5 client meetings per day, I organise my schedule around these catch-ups. Monthly or quarterly check-ins with clients take precedence, and other admin or business development tasks revolve around these client engagements.

I work closely with our global Client Success Team, ensuring technical aspects align with client expectations. In a hybrid work environment, we maintain regular online or in-person catch-ups. Weekly meetings with Sales and monthly town halls offer insights into company-wide updates and priorities.

My time management tip! Diarising everything, not just client meetings but also background tasks helps maintain a healthy and full workload.

Why I love working at Xref

Xref allows me to connect with my New Zealand network in a unique way, offering genuine value in the SaaS space. The caliber of our products enables me to hear success stories, build lasting client relationships, and participate in industry-focused events, fostering community discussion.

I enjoy the transparency and commitment to delivering results to investors. Our responsibility is to continue delivering the high level of service our clients expect.

Challenges: As a market leader, our platform usage correlates with the employment market. However, with tools covering the entire employee lifecycle, we can continue offering value even in challenging markets or recruitment freezes.

Flexibility: The hybrid working environment and the 'two weeks to work anywhere in the world' policy are incredible, allowing me to visit family in England without major disruptions.

Experience with the leadership team: From my first conversations with Marley (Country Manager of NZ) and Lee (our CEO), I knew Xref was a forward-thinking company with a great internal culture.

A whirlwind! Always exciting with new platform releases or product additions like Xref Engage, offering invaluable employment engagement surveys.

What inspired you to become an Account Executive?

I've always enjoyed people-focused roles. Coming from a background in 360 agency recruitment, the skills I developed in client liaison, needs analysis, and relationship building found a perfect match in the role of an Account Executive.

If you love client liaison and consultative selling, this role could be for you. Choose an industry or product you're passionate about and go for it.

In conclusion, Brydie McCamish's journey as an Account Executive at Xref is a testament to the dynamic and supportive environment that Xref fosters.

If you're considering a career at Xref, her insights offer a sneak peek into the fulfilling, challenging, and exciting world of Xref.

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