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Delivering a Smooth and Successful Transition from Hire to Retire



Finding, attracting, recruiting and retaining great talent requires a consistently positive experience throughout their employee journey

We teamed up with online workplace engagement solution, WorkTango, to explore the tools and approaches for a perfect experience from hire to retire.

From an outsider’s perspective, providing a positive experience for an employee throughout their tenure at an organisation might come down to little more than workplace culture and morale.

Celebrate success and throw in a few Friday drinks and you’re onto a winner, right?


While it’s true that the overall feeling in a workplace is important, there’s a vast range of other tasks that HR professionals have to juggle to create a positive experience throughout the employee lifecycle, for every member of staff.

At the centre of the challenge, whatever the lifecycle stage, is engagement. Ensuring engagement from hire to retire is critical to job satisfaction but can be difficult to establish. What’s even harder is maintaining consistent engagement at each lifecycle stage, and a smooth transition throughout.

The employment milestones

There are four key milestones in a individual’s employment journey that should become a focus for engagement:

1. Hire

Keep candidates in the loop from application to offer, to minimize the anxiety and uncertainty caused by a lack of communication. At At Xref, we pride ourselves on the support we offer organizations in their quest for engagement during the final critical stage of the recruitment journey. While candidates tend to be kept in the dark if an employer adopts traditional, phone-based reference checking, with Xref everyone involved in the process is continually updating with the progress of references.

2. Onboarding

Don’t drop the ball once an offer has been made. Ensure your new recruit is up to speed with what to expect in their first few weeks of their role and maintain the excitement and motivation generated during the recruitment journey.

3. Employment

Offer open opportunities to provide feedback on organizational developments and provide ongoing performance management that instills motivation and promotes productivity. Tech-based workplace engagement solutions, such as WorkTango, offer the platform to do so. Rather than scheduling annual employee surveys or quarterly reviews, the WorkTango solution creates space for employees to have a voice, and offers a tool to manage employee performance in real-time.

4. Retire

Whether they have actually reached retirement age or have just chosen to leave, your employees don’t deserve the silent treatment in their last few weeks. Keep up communication and ensure they leave on a high with more chance of recommending you to their network and acting as an advocate for your employer brand.

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